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Vedic Astrology

Humans have always been eager to know their future. Astrology is a valuable scientific technology, through which each person can know the entire story of their past, present, and future. Horoscope based on astrology is the X-Ray of the human mind and his/her entire body and the 12 houses of horoscope contained secrets related to Color, looks, happiness-sorrow, parents, husband-wife, children, enemies-friends, disease, health, income-expenses, and livelihood. In astrology, we make Kundli or horoscope with the help of name, date of birth, birthplace, and time.

Astrology is the name of the science that analyzes the effect of the communication of the jyotirpinds located in the sky and the mathematical interactions formed by them on the earth. Astrology is based on Planets, Bhava/Houses,  Rashis/Zodiac, Nakshatras. Predictions are made combining all planets, their placement in different Rashis and House /bhava and nakshatra.

  • Different Planetary Combinations

  • Nakshatras

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