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Planetary Remedies

Planetary remedies are meant to strengthen a planet and to decrease the bad effects of a planet.  Planets affect one's every aspect of life. If Planets are placed well in the native's chart, they give good results and if planets are not placed well then they don't give good results. One can know about his good or bad planet only after Kundli analysis By practicing planetary remedies you can reduce the problem to an extent but can't be removed permanently because you will pay for what you did in your past life. Here I am sharing a  few planetary remedies from Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab and Nadi Astrology, etc.

*But before practicing any remedy one needs to get Kundli Analysis done from some Astrologer.

Remedies for 

The Sun

The Sun is the Lord of the Zodiac Sign The Leo. It is  Exalted in The Aries Zodiac sign at 10 degrees and Debilitated in The Zodiac Sign Libra at 10 degrees. In Vedic astrology, The Sun represents father, soul, power, fire, bones, eyes east direction, copper metal, govt. jobs, High position, and designation. The Sun is the fix lord of the 1st, 9th and 10th houses in a horoscope. If The Sun is placed well in the Kundli/Horoscope then it will good results related to it and the house.

1.  Do not consume salt on Sunday.

2. Worship The Lord Vishnu, respect father, father-like person, touch feet of elders.

3. Drink water in a silver glass.

4. Offer red flowers to Lord Ganesha on eleven or twenty-one Sundays.

5. Offer water to the Sun every morning in a copper vase with rice, red flowers, and vermilion.

6. Chant "Om grihini suryaya namah" mantra 108, 51 and 21 times every morning and evening.

7.  Worship Bhairo baba on Sundays.

8. Donate self-weight = Wheat grain in the temple on Sundays.

The Sun

The Moon

The Moon is Lord of  Zodiac Sign The Cancer. It is  Exalted in The Taurus Zodiac sign at 10 degrees and Debilitated in The Zodiac Sign Scorpio at 10 degrees. In Vedic astrology, The Moon considered a planet. The Moon represents mother, mind, child, water, lungs, mental health, etc. The Moon is the fixed lord of the 4th house in the horoscope. If The Moon is placed well in the Kundli/Horoscope then it will good results related to it and the house.

1.  respect Mother and mother as a person,  take blessings of mother every day, never hurt your mother.

2. Wear a Silver bangle, pearl string, or Chandrakant mani around the neck.

3. Donate water, salt, milk, medicine, but if the moon is placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th house then don't donate these things.

4. If the moon is a week in the chart then that person shouldn't consume milk or curd at night.

5. worship Lord Shiva and chant "Om Namah Shivaye".

6. Give milk-made sweets, milk, and sweet cooked rice to the girl below 10 years.

7.  Worship clockwise conch every day.

8. Three white flowers on every Monday and full Moon immerse in the flowing river.

9. Every Monday afternoon eats curd and rice only.

The Moon

The Mars

The Mars

The Planet Mars is lord of two Zodiac Signs, Aries and Scorpio, and fix lord of 3rs house in the horoscope. It is exalted in The Capricorn at 28 degrees and debilitated at 28 degrees in The Cancer. We see the power, courage, war, south direction, brother, disease, land, enemies, army, police, agriculture, sale purchase of land, nose, blood-related disease, surgery, accident. If It is placed well then gives good results for these

1.  Offer choula,  laddus, Jasmine oil, and orange vermilion to Hanuman Ji on Tuesday.

2. Pour jaggery in water.

3. Recite Hanuman Chalisa / Bajrang Baan everyday, and Sunder Kand.

4. Help brother, sister, elder brother, and his wife and friend when needed.

5. Donation of things related to mars, and distribute sweets.

6. Chant Mars's mantra every day.

7. Wear Mangal Kanta.

The Jupiter

The planet Jupiter is lord of The Zodiac Signs, Sagittarius and Pisces, and fix lord of 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th house in the horoscope. It is exalted in Cancer at 5 degrees and debilitated in Capricorn at 5 degrees. We see Knowledge, intelligence, education, religious activities, devotion, ancient literature, wealth, respect, elders, elder brother, trees with fruits, fat in the body, diabetes, ears, banks, income tax, treasurer, temple, religious institutions, legal matters, justice department, the court of law, written exams, editor, principal, teacher, share market, minister, tourist, municipal corporation, astrologer, Vedas, shastras,  son, judge, liver, asthma, northeast direction.

1.  Donate lentil gram tied in yellow cloth in the temple.

2. Apply turmeric/saffron tilak on the forehead.

3. Wear gold around the neck and keep your nose clean.

4. Do regular cleaning of the place of worship.

5. Donation of things related to mars, and distribute sweets.

6. Chant Jupiter mantra every day.

7. Donate things related to Jupiter.

8. Water Peepal tree regularly. 

The Jupiter

The Venus

The Planet Venus is lord of the two Zodiac Signs Taurus and Libra and fixes lord of 7th house. It is exalted in The Pisces at 27 degree and debilitated in The Virgo at 27 degree. We see Vehicle, luxury, prosperity, love, marriage, Child birth related problems, sexual organ’s disease, wife, lust, youth, happiness and prosperity, ornaments, beauty, fragrance, flowers, creativity, designer objects, white colored objects, beautiful body, big eyes, curly hair, poetry, music, black hair, desire, alcohol, drugs, short height, sexual diseases, eyes, intestines, appendix, diabetes.

1.  Wear silver jewelry.

2. Donate white silky cloths, cotton and curd.

3. Serve mother and cow every Friday.

4. Put white rose in a river or well on Friday.

5. Donation of things related to Venus, and distribute sweets to little girls.

6. Chant Venus mantra every day and keep your character clean.

7. Donate things related to Venus.

8. Worship every day goddess laxmi or maa durga.

The Planet Mercury is lord of The Zodiac Signs Gemini and Virgo and fixed lord of 6th house. It is exalted in Virgo at 15 degrees and debilitated in Pisces at 15 degrees. We see Speech, arts, intelligence, friends, metal gold, business, memory, stone, skin and brain problems, education Intelligence, cleverness, voice, happiness, education, maths, writing, arguments, astrology, dance, drama, family, business, negotiator, maternal uncle, friends, relatives, throat, nose, ears, lungs. It is considered neutral and gives result according to the planets sits with it.

1.  Do Durga Saptshati yourself or get it done and Recite Sankat Nashaan Ganapati Stotra daily.

2. Eat green cardamom and basil every Wednesday.

3. Feed the cow green fodder every Wednesday.

4. Flow green cardamom into the water every Wednesday.

5. Flow Jaggery into the water.

6. Chant Mercury mantra every day 

7. Don't eat saboot moong.

8. Wear a gold/ silver chain or a copper coin.

The Mercury

The Venus
The Mercury

The Saturn

The planet Saturn is the son of the Sun and also considered a judge and slow planet. It does justice in his Dasha. It is considered. It is lord of two Zodiac Signs Capricorn and Aquarius. It is exalted in Libra at 20 degrees and debilitated in The Aries at 20 degrees. We see life, age, death, sorrow, poverty, disrespect, flatterer, sickness, inappropriate behavior, lowly works, natural disasters, old age, diseases, sin, secrecy, imprisonment, job, scientific laws, oil, labor, servant, agriculture, sacrifice, falling from a height, insult, draught, loan, hard work, black seeds of ration, wooden stick, poison, legs, ash, handicap, self-sacrifice, arms, robbery, wool, import, delay, service department, foreign language, pride, greed, theft, handicapped leg, feet, nerves in the feet, tantra, sadness, paralysis, tiredness

1.  Do not lie, stay away from any kind of bad addiction, and don't cheat anyone.

2. Feed channa to monkeys.

3. Do shadow donation by seeing your face in mustard oil.

4. Flow a Coconut or almonds into the water.

5. Flow mustard oil and kali urad daal together into the water.

6. Chant Saturn mantra every day, recite Hanuman Chalisa, Bajrang Baan, and Sunder Kand every day. 

7. Help blind people or feed food to 10 blind people and sweet must be included.

The Saturn

The Ketu

Ketu is a shadow and devil planet like Rahu and very important in Astrology. The Pisces Zodiac Sign is assigned to it. It is exalted in Sagittarius at 15 degrees and debilitated in Gemini at 15 degrees. It is considered Moksha Karaka. We see dogs, rooster, animals with horns, stammering, intestines, imprisonment, piece of land in foreign, slavery,  religion, astrology, medicines, detachment, writing, monetary gains, win over enemies, transfer, drugs, occult, urine, prostate, blockages, piles.

1. Donate bananas, Aamchhor, kacchi imli, achaar, double or multicolor wire, rope, Double shaded blanket, donate lead if ketu in 1st and 7th house.

2.  Do Ketu mantra every day.

3. Black/white sesame seeds shed into the water, l

4. Wear gold ring in left-hand thumb, Ketu Mani

5. Offer Durva and coconut to Lord Ganesha

6. Serve girls and never insult your wife and keep good relation with your mother.

7. Burn garlic clove and flush it.

The Rahu

The Rahu is also a shadow and devil planet like The Ketu and very important in Astrology. In more than 90% of horoscope, the problem is caused by Rahu and Ketu only. The zodiac Signs assigned to it is The Virgo. It is exalted in Gemini at 15 degrees and debilitated in Sagittarius at 15 degrees. We see Grandparents, foreign travel, society, skin diseases, itching, poison, chronic diseases, widow, fear, pilgrimage, rude behavior, foreign settlement, extramarital affair, arguments, pain, and swelling, etc, cunningness, gambling, cleverness, backstabber, addiction, stones in the kidney, self-respect, enemies, explorer, illegal activities, export, detective, It gives good results in of 3rd, 6th,10th, and 11th house.

1. Donate reddish, tea packets, Chandan ka itra, electronics, blue colour things.

2. Visit Dargah and offer green chadar.

3. Feed 4kg reddish to the elephant.

4. Recite Sarswati and Bhairov chalisa

5. Apply saffron tilak on forehead and Sit on the floor in the kitchen and eat food.

6. Visit the Shiva temple every day and offer Aegle marmelos to Lord Shiva.

7. Feed grains to the birds every morning and start the work from Wednesday.

The Rahu
The Ketu
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