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The Emperor

Negative events

The emperor card represents the authority and control but when the Emperor card appears reversed in a tarot reading, it indicates the abuse or misuse of that power. You may experience a lack of structure or stability in the life due to the chaos, confusion, a lack of direction, or disorganization. You may also experience indecisiveness, may be struggling to take charge of a situation or may lack the confidence to make decisions. Suspicion, deceitfulness, and lack of self-confidence will lead you to counterproductive behavior. In other words the reversed Emperor card suggests that one must use their authority, control, and structure wisely for others and for their own benefits. You may fall in trouble due to your conservative thought process and it is time to change it for future growth and relationship It may be necessary to address issues of power and abuse, or to establish greater stability and direction in one's life. The card can also suggest the need to build confidence and take charge of a situation.

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