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The Strength

Negative events

You have withdrawn the strength card in reverse position in the reading, which indicates a lack of inner strength, insecurities, fears, self-doubt, or a feeling of being overwhelmed. You may have to struggle in controlling your emotions and find it difficult to keep a positive attitude. You will be facing obstacles that are too challenging for you to overcome at this time. It is time when you have to take a step back and re-evaluate your approach before moving forward.
In the matter of love or relationship reading, you may have to struggles or conflicts within the relationship. You may feel that you are constantly trying to prove yourself or that your partner is not supporting you in the way that you need. In short the reversed Strength card is a warning that you need to work on building your self-confidence and inner strength before you can successfully overcome any challenges or obstacles that come your way. It may also be a reminder to seek support and guidance from others when needed.

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