Dasha Phal 

In a horoscope, an individual's life span is divided into fixed periods of a particular planet, known as Dasha or Anter Dasha. Dasha phal is a general prediction of the current and forthcoming Dasha Period. In Dasha Phal's report, you will find the events that may happen in the future. It includes Pratyantar Dasha Phal too along with remedies to be done during Dasha and Pratyantar Dasha period. These predictions help a person to deal with or face the problem that may happen. It is very helpful in doing planning or decision-making. At Kundli Dikhao you can buy your report.

  • Current Dasha phal Report + Remedies  INR ₹ 351 only
  • Complete Dasha phal Report + Remedies  INR ₹ 951 only
Follow these 4 simple steps below to get your Dasha phal.

1. Click on " Book" and provide your basic details, like, Date of Birth, Birth Place, Time of birth, Name, and Email address. In AM/PM. .

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3. Once you make the payment, share a screenshot and we will provide your report in 30 min. to 2 hours.

4. The report will be in pdf format and You can get it either on WhatsApp or Email.