Remedies During Festivals

India is a land of diverse cultures and festivals. Many festivals are celebrated in India like Holi, Diwali, Pongal, Navratri, Dussehra, Id, Teej. Onam, Durga Puja, Guru Parva, and many more. Some festivals are considered to practice remedies for better results. Though I have published many remedies on my website to help people. You can find easy remedies that can be performed during certain festivals Like Holi, Diwali, Navratri, and Dussehra. These remedies are very easy to understand and perform.



  • On any Saturday During Navratri, bring 11 peepal leaf before sunrise and write Ram on it with vermilion and make a garland of it and offer it to Lord Rama to remove obstacles.

  • Chant Shri Ram Raksha strotra, Durga Shaptashati, and Shri Sookat path for 9 days during Navratri to gain money, achieve success, and remove the obstacle.

  • During Navratri, offer a beetal leaf with 7 rose petals on it at the Temple of Goddess on all 9 days to remove obstacles and get prosperity.

  • Take two strands of a broom and tie them in the reverse position with a blue thread and place it in the south-west corner of the house to enhances love and affection between the husband and the wife.

  • Take a jute coconut put vermilion tikka on it and tie a red thread (Kalava) around it seven times and offer rice grain on it  and offer this coconut to Hanuman ji in any temple

  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa and Sunderkand path every day during Navratri to remove obstacle. If possible recite Hanuman Chalisa 21, 51, 108 times to fulfil your wish.

  • During Navratri, offer the clay lion to Maa Durga on Wednesday. All the work is completed.

  • During Navratri, offer a red flag at the Temple of Goddess on any day.

  • Offer the pan to Hanuman Ji for 9 days in Navratri.



  • On the day of Diwali Poojan, take a black turmeric knot, 5 Beetal nuts, 5 kaudi ( कौड़िया), a piece of Red Cloth and, a small sliver Bowl/Plate. Then purify black turmeric with an incense stick( धुप दीप). Wash Kaudi with gangajal to purify. Tie all these things in red cloth. During Diwali, Poojan keep this bundle in a silver bowl or plate. Do worship with Dhoop, deep, and navidhya. After keeping it on pooja place all night, keep it in your locker the next day. With this remedy, the grace of goddess Laxmi will remain over you.

  • Begin this remedy from the day of Diwali. Visit any Laxmi, Durga, or any goddess temple and lit a lamp of ghee, and offer homemade kheer. Do it continuously for the next 40 days, to get the grace of The goddess Laxmi. If you forget to start from Diwali then you can start it from the first Friday of Shukla Paksha.

  • If you feel that your new business is not being set up, take this measure. Start with Diwali, place a glass of water filled with water near your head while sleeping at night, and throw this water out of the house the next morning. Do it regularly.

  • Diwali falls on Amavasya day. offering water to peepal tree this day will give relief from The Shani Dosha and Kaal Sarpa Dosha.

  • On the night of Diwali lit a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree and come back. Make sure no one is watching you.

Holi Festival


  • If you want to save money, but if you are facing difficulties due to unexpected expenses, then do this remedy. Bring some ash home from the place of Holika Dahan and then tie it in the clean red cloth and keep it in your locker in the shop or house and pray to goddess Laxmi to keep her grace on you. This remedy will definitely be beneficial.

  • Take a big yellow lemon without stain, then go to the deserted crossroads, cut the lemon into four parts, and throw those 4 parts in all four directions. After that return home., but remember not to look back. Do this remedy with full devotion, very soon you will get employement.

  • On the day of The Holi, go to the Hanuman temple and offer five red rose flowers to Hanuman Ji along with Gulal and make a wish. Your wish will definitely be fulfilled.