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  • If you want to save money, but if you are facing difficulties due to unexpected expenses, then do this remedy. Bring some ash home from the place of Holika Dahan and then tie it in the clean red cloth and keep it in your locker in the shop or house and pray to goddess Laxmi to keep her grace on you. This remedy will definitely be beneficial.

  • Take a big yellow lemon without stain, then go to the deserted crossroads, cut the lemon into four parts, and throw those 4 parts in all four directions. After that return home., but remember not to look back. Do this remedy with full devotion, very soon you will get employement.

  • On the day of The Holi, go to the Hanuman temple and offer five red rose flowers to Hanuman Ji along with Gulal and make a wish. Your wish will definitely be fulfilled. 

  • To improve your finances, on the day of Holi at 10 am offer water and lit a mustard oil lamp under the peepal tree. and pray goddess Laxmi. It is a belief that on every Poornima, goddess Laxmi visits peepal tree.

  • To get rid of the evil eye, Take a coconut and 5 colored Kalava and take thread equal to your height and wrap it on the coconut, now move it from your head to toe 21 times clockwise, and offer it in Holika Dahan, come back don't look back.

  • For no job issues, take 8 yellow lemons without any stains on them, and move from your head to toe 21 times and offer them in Holika and come back, don't look back. 

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