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Kundali Analysis

Vedic astrology is a science that studies the planets and their influence on human life. kundli or horoscope is a birth chart of a native in Vedic astrology. Kundli/Horoscope is like a map of the future of a person. Kundli/Horoscope helps in guiding a person toward the next step in life and it is needed at the time of matchmaking too. Horoscope/ Kundli is a 12-box chart that shows the placement of planets of a native at the time of birth. The Kundli/horoscope is divided into 12 parts. Each part of Kundli is called Bhava. There are 12 Bhav. The first Bhav is called Lagna. Here, whatever number from 1 to 12 falls is called lagan. Bhava is fixed, only zodiac signs change in it. At Kundli Dikhao you will get your complete horoscope in pdf format in your mail. Kundli / Horoscope report includes all 140 pages from charts to all Dashas. The following contents are there in a Kundli/horoscope. Title page, planet position, birth details, Sayan position chart, and aspect, Moom and Navmansha chart, Chalit chart, bhav apasht, Shodas Varga 1 and 2, Karak, Avastha, Tara chakra, Sudarshan chakra, Aspect on planets, Bhava middle, and Cusps, Vimsopak Bala- shadvarga, Saptvarga, and Dashamvarga, Shodash Varga table, Naisargik, Tatkalik, Panchdha Maitri, Ashtak Varga of all planets, Sarvashtak Varga, Trikon Shdhan, Shad Bala, Bhav bala, Sarvato Bhadra chakra, Vimshottri Dasha, anterdasha, sooksham Dasha and pratyanter dasha, Yogini dasha, Aditya Dasha and pratyanter dasha, and lagam Dasha.


Given below is a sample report of the Kundli/Horoscope. Click on the icon to see the report

Sample Horoscope Report

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