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Maach Mani

In Vedic astrology, to control the planets and rectify their malefic influences, many astrologers recommend precious stones. So far, we only know about those stones that are commonly used and are quite expensive, such as yellow sapphire, coral, pearl, emerald, hessonite, and cat's eye. However, there are also some stones that are not well-known or didn't exist until now. These stones are obtained from fish, such as maach mani, shukra mani, ketu mani, mangal kanta, etc. These stones are quite effective and reduce the malefic influence of planets. Personally, I have tried ketu mani, and it was very effective. My ketu is in the first house, so when I wore it, it pushed me towards spirituality and de-attachment from the world around me, It increased my interest in the occult science, the benefit I got was good health.

Maach Mani Products

Mangal Kanta

Another fish product. Reduce the malefic influence of mars in individual chart. Very effective during Maha dasha, anterdasha of Mars, sade sati, Shani dasha Mangal Kanta typically resembles the spine or thorn of a fish, with a sharp, elongated shape. It is often used as a symbolic item in rituals and remedies to ward off negative influences associated with Mangal Dosh. Mangal Kanta is used in specific rituals to appease the planet Mars (Mangal).

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Rahu Mani/Mach mani

The "maach mani" is a rare stone that is obtained from fish. In Vedic astrology, Maach Mani is used to treat Rahu's malefic effects. Rahu, known as the North Node of the Moon, is considered a shadow planet that can cause various challenges and obstacles in life when negatively placed in a horoscope. It pacify the influence of Rahu, facilitating progress in business and job, resolving financial problems. Maach mani can be wore if Mercury is in the malefic influence. In most of the chart main problems are caused by Rahu and Rahu mani is solution for that.

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Ketu Mani

Ketu Mani (also known as Maach Mani) is a rare and mystical gemstone associated with the shadow planet Ketu in Vedic astrology. It is believed to have powerful spiritual and metaphysical properties. It is very small in the size and look like a tooth. Very effective. It makes Moon strong and thus help in decision making. Wearing Ketu Mani is believed to provide protection from reduce the malefic effects of Ketu, negative influences, enhance spiritual growth, and promote inner peace. In most of the charts Ketu is responsible or create problems. To pacify the bad effect of Ketu, Ketu mani can be a solution. Specially if you have incline towards spirituality then also Ketu mani can be helpful.

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Shukra Mani

Venus signifies human desires, luxury, wealth, love and romance. The lucky gem for Venus is diamond, but it's expensive. Many can't afford it, missing Venus's blessings. Wearing Shukra Shukra Mani can bring Venus's grace. It is very helpful in enhance Venus and increase its auspiciousness. It is believed that this stone helps with illnesses and protects against mental and physical issues. It absorbs negative energy and releases it harmlessly. Shukra Mani destroys evil energies and protects against jealousy. It also enhances memory and creativity, boosting mental and intellectual abilities. To get the blessings and benefit of Venus. Venus/Shukra mani will be helpful.

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