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Ketu in Different Houses


Ketu is a shadow and devil planet like Rahu and is very important in Astrology. The Pisces Zodiac Sign is assigned to it. It is exalted in Sagittarius at 15 degrees and debilitated in Gemini at 15 degrees. It has three aspects 5th, 7th, and 9th. It is considered Moksha Karaka. We see dogs, roosters, animals with horns, stammering, intestines, imprisonment, piece of land in foreign, slavery,  religion, astrology, medicines, detachment, writing, monetary gains, winning over enemies, transfer, drugs, occult, urine, prostate, blockages, piles. let's see the results of Ketu in different Houses. The effects of the center are also very mysterious. If Ketu is in the first house then Ketu-related diseases cannot be diagnosed quickly. The quality of Ketu is that whichever house it occupies, it separates the native from the Karak elements of that house.


Ketu in the 1st House/Ascendant

The First House or Ascendant - The first house Ket makes a person mysterious If there is Ketu in the Ascendant or the first house, then any part of the body is broken, accident, patient, fearful, anxious, worried about the spouse, anxious mind, feeling detachment and get bored easily, stingy and quarrels with relatives. Ketu in the first house gives good height to the native if alone and not under the malefic influence.


Ketu in the 2nd House

Ketu in the second House - Ketu in the second house destroys wealth and grains.  mouth disease happens.  Speaks untruth and opposes the family. Doesn't like to spend time with family.


Ketu in the 3rd House

Ketu in the Third House - Ketu in the third house makes the person patient and destroyer of enemies but in fear and worry.  Ketu in This house gives trouble to the younger brother. There are ear diseases.


Ketu in the 4th House

Ketu in the Forth House- Due to Ketu being in this place, there is a possibility of Arishta for the mother.  One does not get the happiness of friends, or does not have friends, suffers from bile diseases.  There is always worry.  There is trouble from the stepmother.  Criticizes others a lot.


Ketu in the 5th House

Ketu in the Fifth House- Ketu in this house destroys children or give trouble during pregnancy.  Person Loose respect, religion, and karma are destroyed.  Disputes with enemies.  Jatak is a hypocrite, weak, and impatient. There are fewer sons and more daughters.  There is a disease in the stomach.


Ketu in the 6th House

Ketu in the Sixth House - In this place, Ketu gives a position of authority to the native.  The enemy is destroyed, gets respect, and gives wealth.  The body remains healthy.  It is harmful to the maternal uncle. Doesn't gets happy, and he considers himself very high.


Ketu in the 7th House

Ketu in the seventh House - This is the husband/wife's house in astrology.  Due to the presence of Ketu, separation from spouse, less interest in marriage or in a partner, Gas trouble, insult, anger, and enmity.  If Ketu is under malefic influence, then the adulterer, fickle mind, frequently changes residence, is a drug addict, has relationships with women, and indulges in immoral activities.


Ketu in the 8th House

Ketu in the Eighth house - When Ketu is in this place, the person commits any sin, then it appears immediately, faces trouble with eyes, and has longevity. One gets quick success in meditation and yoga.  Remains unhappy in relation to their spouse.


Ketu in the 9th House

Ketu in the Ninth House - There is a difference in the results of Ketu's position in the place of religion.  Some scholars are of the opinion that Ketu shows an auspicious effect here. One is blessed with fame, intelligence, generosity, kindness, and religion.  The second opinion is that the person is anti-religion, miscreant, liar, follower of strange opinions, angry, and condemns others.  But with these faults, he is brave, strong, and proud.


Ketu in the 10th House

Ketu in the Tenth House - Father's happiness is not attained if Ketu of this place.  The person is ill-fated, if Ketu is in Pisces or Sagittarius, then fame and glory are attained, the person is wise, a connoisseur of scriptures, a migrant, and victorious.


Ketu in the 11th House

Ketu in the Eleventh House- In this house, Ketu gives prestige, beauty, utility, generosity, and fame to the native.  He is soft-spoken, scholarly, brilliant, and beneficent.  If the Ketu of this place is in Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces or aspected by Jupiter or Venus, then special auspicious results are obtained.  If there is a yoga of Mercury with Ketu, then there is good profit in business, the person becomes a writer, and politician and the work taken in hand is completed.


Ketu in the 12th House

Ketu in the Twelfth House - If there is Ketu in the house of expenditure, then the money is spent on bad deeds.  Auspicious deeds do not happen.  He is poor and stingy.  fickle mind  Expensive and always in debt.  If Ketu is conjunct with Mercury at this place, then there is success in business.  If you are with the Guru, then the person becomes a monk of nature and Jitendriya.  If it is with Venus or Moon, then it is adulterous. It is said that ketu of the 12th house gives moksha.

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