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Remedies for Happy Married Life

Marriage is a very beautiful relationship shared by two people. But sometimes this relationship goes through many ups and downs. Couples do fight unnecessarily, without any reason or sometimes they don't know the reason, sometimes people around them cause problems, sometimes it is because of a wrong Kundli match or the placement of planets in an individual's chart becomes the problem. In Vedic astrology, we see marriage with Jupiter, and in Bhrigu Nandi Nadi astrology Mars is considered for husband and the Venus is considered for a wife.

*But before practicing any remedy one needs to get Kundli Analysis done by some Astrologer.

1. While sleeping at night, the husband keeps vermilion near his head and the wife keeps camphor near her head. In the morning wife burns camphor and the husband sprinkles vermilion in the house, which will bring peace to their life

2. If there is a verbal fight between husband and wife then the person who is problematic must keep maun vart on Wednesday.

3. If there is a lack of understanding and cooperation between husband and wife then they must visit Ram-Sita temple or Laxminarayan temple every Thursday and offer sweets, and flowers, and then distribute those sweets among people. 

3. Husband must give perfume or flowers to his wife on Fridays and eat white sweets with her.

4. In the chart of your life partner, if the 8th house is occupied by Saturn or Rahu, then the other partner shouldn't wear black or blue clothes.

5. To get rid of stress from married life, one must distribute white sweets among little girls below 10 years on Friday and do it continuously for 11 Fridays. start from the Shukla Paksha. 

6. For happy and peaceful married life, every Saturday both husband and wife lit a sesame seed oil lamp early in the morning and visit the Hauman temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays together.

7. If Mars is weak in the wife's chart then she must do, 108 Sunderkand Path, offer 108 Chola to Hanumanji, and chant the mantra of Mars (40,000 mantras). This can be done if there is divorce yoga in the girl's chart.

8. if Venus is weak in the husband's chart then he must do 1,00,000 beej mantra of Venus, offer dress to the Goddess Durga, Prashad of mishri + white butter for 43 days, and feed Jawar (broom corn) to a cow for 43 days. This can be done if there is divorce yoga in the girl's chart.

9. If there is a delay in a girl's marriage then take an old open lock and remove it from the girl's body 7 times antilock-wise and leave it in the center of the four-side crossing (churaha). Do it on the Thursday of the Shukla Paksha or if a girl's family is going to see a boy then she must keep her hirs open till the time family comes back.

10. if anyone facing a problem in getting married, then offer 108 flowers to the Ganesh Ji one by one while chanting " Om Ganeshaye Namha " and performing arti, do it continuously for 40 days. Keep fast on Thursday and always keep a knot of turmeric under their pillow.

11. For early marriage, offer a yellow dupatta with gotta work along with besan ladoo made of desi ghee to the god Laxmi-Narayan or Visnuji and Laxmiji.

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