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Pisces Horoscope


20th February - 22nd March

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

February 2023

During the first half of the month, requiring immediate action, trust your instant and stay focused. Avoid people who lack integrity or who have questionable motives. Avoid any gambling, it can cause financial loss. You will share a passionate relationship with your spouse. During the second half of the month, time to celebrate engagements, weddings, and pregnancy is on the cards. Spend time in peaceful meditation and meaningful solitude. pick out or become a spiritual mentor because you have the ability to take the pain of others and make them happy. Pay gratitude divine for all you have.

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

30th Jan. 23 - 6th Feb . 23

You will taste success. A time of joyful accomplishment and spiritual enlightenment. Manage your finance wisely and avoid lending money to others. Do charitable deeds to enhance your karma. On the relationship front, balance your emotions because excess of anything is harmful even if it is emotions.

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