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Planets in Astrology

According to science "Planet is a celestial body that is in orbit around the sun, has sufficient mass for its self-gravity to overcome rigid body force so that it assumes a hydrostatic equilibrium shape, and has cleared the neighborhood around it. There are nine planets i.e The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu.  In astrology, planets are considered deities,  having their own will and power. These planets are known as NAVGRAHS in Vedic Astrology along with shadow planets RAHU and Ketu.  Jupiter, Kiranbali chanderma, and Venus are benefic or auspicious planets. The Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are malefic planets. Mercury is neutral. In Vedic astrology The sun represents-soul, Moon-Mother and maan, Mercury-communication, Venus-planet of love and money, Saturn- Karma, Jupiter-luck, and Mars-passion. They influence human life. They affect our personalities and nature. In astrology, planets help us to understand general and specific human behavior through the influence of planets and celestial objects.

The Sun

The sun is the Lord of the Zodiac Sign Leo. It is  Exalted in The Aries Zodiac sign at 10 degrees and Debilitated in The Zodiac Sign Libra at 10 degrees. In Vedic astrology, The Sun represents father, soul, power, fire, bones, eyes east direction, copper metal, govt. jobs, High positions, and designation. The Sun is the fixed lord of the 1st, houses in a horoscope. Sun gives disease if it is in the 6th, 8th, and 12th house or conjunct, or aspect by Shani, Rahu, and Ketu. If The Sun is placed well in the Kundli/Horoscope then it will have good results related to it and the house.

The Moon

The moon is the Lord of the Zodiac Sign Cancer. It is  Exalted in The Taurus Zodiac sign at 3 degrees and Debilitated in The Zodiac Sign Scorpio at 3 degrees. In Vedic astrology, Moon is the causative planet of the mind, mother, interest in traveling, rasa, respect, sleep, happiness, wealth, travel, water, unstable mind, cloth, milk, honey, sweet things, rice, barley, pearl, silver, Lakes, seas, rivers, Mahanadi, mountains, palaces. nerves, brain, thorax, ovaries, and reproduction. The planet is the cause of diseases like respiratory diseases, skin diseases, indigestion, heartburn, etc. It is also the causative planet of Kapha and Vayu. The Moon is considered a planet. The Moon represents mother, mind, child, water, lungs, mental health, etc. The Moon is the fixed lord of the 4th house in the horoscope. If The Moon is placed well in the Kundli/Horoscope then it will have good results related to it and the house.

The Mars

Mars is the lord of two Zodiac Signs, Aries and Scorpio, and fix lord of 3rs house in the horoscope. It is exalted in The Capricorn at 28 degrees and debilitated at 28 degrees in The Cancer.  We see Strength, Courage, Might, Competition Fund Stimulation, Conspiracy Enemy Opposition, Controversy, Arms Commander, War, Accident, Fire, Wounds, Land, Real Estate Little Brother, Uncle's Boy Leader, Police, Surgeon, Mechanical Engineer, Fire Eyes, Brutal Nature, unstable intellect, independent nature, stubborn, young, younger brother, military nature air travel, assassin, labor leader, Kitchen, Engine, a Fire site, Battleground, Police station, blood muscle, bile, head, nose, ears, Blood-related diseases, High or low blood pressure, Bleeding, Acidic burns Abortion, Weapons, Land, Tobacco, Mustard, Metals/Gems Copper, Gold, Coral South direction Etc.

The Jupiter

Jupiter is lord of The Zodiac Signs, Sagittarius and Pisces, and fixed lord of the 2nd, 5th, 9th, and 11th house in the horoscope. It is exalted in Cancer at 5 degrees and debilitated in Capricorn at 5 degrees. We see Knowledge, intelligence, education, religious activities, devotion, ancient literature, wealth, respect, elders, elder brother, trees with fruits, fat in the body, liver, kidney, digestive system, diabetes, ears, banks, income tax, treasurer, temple, religious institutions, legal matters, justice department, the court of law, written exams, editor, principal, teacher, share market, minister, tourist, municipal corporation, astrologer, gold, topaz, pukhraj, Vedas, shastras,  son, judge, liver, asthma, northeast direction.

The Venus  

Venus is lord of the two Zodiac Signs Taurus and Libra and fixes lord of the 7th house. It is exalted in Pisces at 27 degrees and debilitated in Virgo at 27 degrees. We see Vehicles, luxury, prosperity, love, marriage, Child birth-related problems, sexual organ disease, wife, lust, youth, happiness and prosperity, ornaments, beauty, fragrance, flowers, creativity, designer objects, white-colored objects, beautiful body, big eyes, curly hair, poetry, music, black hair, desire, alcohol, drugs, short height, sexual diseases, eyes, intestines, appendix, Dimond, silver.

The Mercury

Mercury is lord of The Zodiac Signs Gemini and Virgo and fixed lord of the 6th house. It is exalted in Virgo at 15 degrees and debilitated in Pisces at 15 degrees. It has no effect of its own and it becomes what it is. We see Speech, arts, intelligence, friends, metal gold, and brass, business, memory, stone, disease like loss of memory, seizures, chickenpox, skin, brain problems, dumbness education Intelligence, cleverness, voice, happiness, education, maths, writing, arguments, astrology, dance, drama, family, business, negotiator, maternal uncle, friends, relatives, throat, nose, ears, lungs. It is considered neutral and gives results according to the planets that sit with it.

The Saturn

Saturn is the son of the Sun and is also considered a judge and slow planet. It does justice in his Dasha. It is considered. It is the lord of two Zodiac Signs Capricorn and Aquarius. It is exalted in Libra at 20 degrees and debilitated in The Aries at 20 degrees. We see life, age, death, sorrow, poverty, disrespect, flatterer, sickness, inappropriate behavior, lowly works, natural disasters, old age, diseases, sin, secrecy, imprisonment, job, scientific laws, oil, labor, servant, agriculture, sacrifice, falling from a height, insult, draught, loan, hard work, black seeds of ration, wooden stick, poison, legs, ash, handicap, self-sacrifice, arms, robbery, wool, import, delay, service department, foreign language, pride, greed, theft, handicapped leg, feet, nerves in the feet, tantra, sadness, paralysis, tiredness.

The Rahu

Rahu is also a shadow and devil planet like The Ketu and is very important in Astrology. In more than 90% of horoscopes, the problem is caused by Rahu and Ketu only. The Zodiac Sign assigned to it is Virgo. It is exalted in Gemini at 15 degrees and debilitated in Sagittarius at 15 degrees. We see Grandparents, foreign travel, society, skin diseases, itching, poison, chronic diseases, widow, fear, pilgrimage, rude behavior, foreign settlement, extramarital affair, arguments, pain, swelling, etc, cunningness, gambling, cleverness, backstabber, addiction, stones in the kidney, self-respect, enemies, explorer, illegal activities, export, detective, It gives good results in of 3rd, 6th,10th, and 11th house.

The Ketu

Ketu is a shadow and devil planet like Rahu and is very important in Astrology. The Pisces Zodiac Sign is assigned to it. It is exalted in Sagittarius at 15 degrees and debilitated in Gemini at 15 degrees. It is considered Moksha Karaka. We see dogs, roosters, animals with horns, stammering, intestines, imprisonment, piece of land in foreign, slavery,  religion, astrology, medicines, detachment, writing, monetary gains, winning over enemies, transfer, drugs, occult, urine, prostate, blockages, piles.


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