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Effect of Rahu & Ketu Transition on all Zodiac Signs

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

On 12th April 2022, Rahu and Ketu will change their Rashi/Zodiac. Rahu will move from Taurus to Aries and Ketu will move from Scorpio to Libra. Rahu and Ketu stay for 18 months in a Rashi/Zodiac.

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets. Wherever Rahu sits in the horoscope it increases the desire to achieve the elements of that house and the other houses it gives aspect. For example, if Rahu moves to the 11th house which is the house of earning, here it increases the desire to earn more in anyways, whether right or wrong. On the other hand, Ketu is the planet that reduces the interest in the causative elements of that house. gives a feeling of separation from the elements of the house it sits and gives aspect. For example, Ketu in the 7th house reduces inclination towards the partner that further creating problems in married life.

The actual effect of the Rahu and Ketu transition on one life can be analyzed through a horoscope. During the transition, many other planets' transitions also happen and if the benefit planet gives aspect, then Problems may be less.

This is a general prediction about the transition of Rahu and Ketu. Take what resonates with you.


You may feel stressed, aggressive, and laziness in yourself. you may experience headaches and unwanted continuous thought processes. In some situations, you may become the scapegoat. Health issues related to the abdomen may happen. Important work me get delayed. Issues in personal life and business partnership may bother you. Physical and mental health needs attention.


Increase in expenditure. Abdominal and urinary issues may bother you and the possibility of injury is also there. Keep your relationship good with your mother and maintain peace and harmony at home. You may experience a lack of strength and willpower. you may have to do short distance traveling.


Increase in income and you may have the urge to earn more. Avoid gambling. You may face health issues related to your arms and urinary organs. And education of children may affect. You may face problems in your personal life and business partnership. You may have to travel unnecessarily. Inclination towards spiritual activity will increase.


You May face problems on the professional front. Issues/conflicts with mother and father may arise. Health issues related to joints and lower abdomen may bother you. You may experience difficulty in saving money. you will experience a lack of peace and harmony in the family.


Things or work may get delayed, or you may face obstacles. Health issues related to the stomach, right ear, and skin may happen. Mental health needs proper attention, you may feel depressed many times. Pregnant women need to take care of themselves. Studies of students may get affected.


You may experience or feel fear of injuries, lack of happiness and comfort, problems in saving money, increase in expenditure. health issues related to sleep, left eye, breathing may occur, attraction towards the opposite sex may increase, interest in occult practice may increase, and avoid taking a loan.


You may experience conflict, arguments, and disturbance in your personal life and business partnership. You may have to make short trips. Health issues related to ear, arms, allergies, and headaches may happen. Do meditation relief from stress, irritation, and depression. The inclination toward religious and spiritual activities will increase.


Unexpected expenditures and facing problems in saving money bother you. Choose your words wisely, and keep your tone, speech, and volume low, your words may hurt people around you. Enemies will not be able to harm you. Inclination towards occult practice may increase.


Physical and mental health needs serious attention, unwanted stress, and overthinking may cause trouble. Your work, plans, or projects may get delayed. Students may find it difficult to concentrate/ focus on their studies. you may face obstacles. You may lose interest in personal life and business partnership.


The health of the mother and father needs attention. You may experience a lack of harmony and peace at home, sleep may get disturbed, an increase in expenditure, setbacks on the professional front, and health issues related to the lower abdomen, liver, lungs, heart, and eyes.


You may have to travel very frequently. You may experience a lack of strength, willpower, and laziness. possibility of an increase in income resources. Work may get delayed. personal life may get disturbed. Health issues related to ENT may occur.


Control your speech, avoid using Harsh language. you will be able to save money. you may face problems on the professional front. Interest in occult practice will increase. Enemies will be defeated. Health issues related to the right eye, abdomen, urinary, and liver may occur.

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