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Rahu - Ketu Transit 2023: Day and Date | Rahu - Ketu Gochar | Effect on all Zodiac Signs

Rahu-Ketu Transition, Day and date, and effect on all zodiac signs
Rahu - Ketu Transition 2023

Rahu - Ketu Transit 2023: Day and Date, Rahu-Ketu Gochar, Effect on all Zodiac Signs

Rahu-Ketu Transition 2023: Day and Date, Effects on all Zodiac Signs-On the 30th of October 2023, Rahu is Moving from Aries to Pisces, and Ketu is moving from Gemini to Virgo, Both stay in One Rashi/Zodiac for 18 months. Rahu-Ketu are shadow Planets. Rahu is the planet of illusion so wherever it sits it creates illusion, and the desire to attain the Karak Tatva (elements) of that Bhav(house) becomes stronger. On the contrary, in whatever house, the planet Ketu sits, it makes the person detached from the Karak Tatva elements of the house. Ketu still causes less trouble than Rahu. So if you feel some problem chant Mantra of Rahu and Ketu. For example, if Rahu moves to the 11th house which is the house of earning, it increases the desire to earn more in any way, whether right or wrong.

On the other hand, Ketu is the planet that reduces the interest in the causative elements of that house. gives a feeling of separation from the elements of the house it sits in and gives an aspect. For example, Ketu in the 7th house reduces inclination towards the partner further creating problems in married life.

Below I am presenting some possibilities that Rahu can create for all zodiac signs or rashi using my knowledge best. In Vedic astrology, we see the movement of a planet from the Birth moon Rashi/Zodiac. In Vedic Astrology Moon is the Karak of mother and maan( the virtual brain where thoughts are produced). In the gochar or transition, we see the placement of the planet from Moon Rashi ( the Rashi/zodiac sign in which the Moon is placed at the time of birth is the Moon sign of the person). If a planet is moving and get placed in an auspicious place then it will give a good result and if some other planets are placed at those place then the result will not be achieved.

The auspicious places for Rahu from Birth Moon are 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th, and at the rest of the places result will not be good.

For Ketu, auspicious places from the birth moon Rashi are 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 9th, and 12th.

In this article, I will try my best you predict the result of Rahu using Gochar techniques and prediction for all zodiac signs.


In a Kundli the Moon is placed in Mesh Rashi/Aries zodiac sign then the Moon sign will be aries and after 3oth October Rahu will be in MeenRashi/Pisces zodiac sign. We will start counting from the birth Moon and Rahu is placed 12th from it, so it is not an auspicious place for Rahu as per gochar but if at the same time some other planet is with Rahu or at places rahu giving aspect. Then the result will not be obtained.

The actual effect of the Rahu and Ketu transition on one life can be analyzed through a horoscope. During the transition, many other planets' transitions also happen and if the benefit planet gives aspect, then Problems may be less.

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2023: Effect on Zodiac Signs

Rahu and Ketu in 2023, 30th October, Monday-This is a general prediction about the transition of Rahu and Ketu. Take what resonates with you.

Aries- expenditure can increase, a lack of or improper sleep, inclination towards the opposite sex, mother's health needs to be taken care of, enemies will be defeated not be able to harm you. Interest or inclination towards occult practice will increase, stay away from legal matters, health issues related to the lower abdomen and left eye, a lack of harmony in the family, and difficulty in saving money.

Taurus - maintain a good relationship with siblings, increase in income resources, be cautious in business partnership disagreement is possible, avoid any kind of friction or arguments with spouse, short travellings are possible, a lack of willpower and strength, ears related issues are possible, avoid any kind of gambling and betting. Pay attention to a child's health and education, false blame, and a lack of peace of mind.

Gemini- difficulty in savings, problems and obstacles on the professional front, mother's health needs attention, a lack of harmony in the family, enemies will not be able to harm, abdominal issues may bother, avoid taking a big loan, right eye, avoid using abusive or harsh language with anyone. do not ignore the mother's advice, a lack of interest at the workplace due to tough circumstances. Inclination towards spiritual activities will increase.

Cancer - both physical and mental health needs attention, delays in work possible, indulge yourself in spiritual activities, maintain good relations with siblings, avoid being lazy and make your willpower strong, short travellings are possible. Take care of children's health, may receive good news, if you are expecting then need to be extra careful. a lack of emotional attachment in personal relationship.

Leo - difficulty in balancing income and expenditure, a lack of sleep can cause health issues, both eyes need to be taken care of, don't argue with your mother, take care of mother's health, interest in occult practice will increase, short-term hospitalisation, mind your language, a lack of interest may arise on the family front.

Virgo - Friction and disharmony in personal relationships and business partnerships, irritation, unknown fears, and unnecessary thoughts may bother you. Meditation will help. income will be less, expenditure will rise, differences with siblings possible, and unnecessary travelling can cause tiredness, You need to be determined and make your willpower strong, intuitive abilities will increase, false blame is possible, and luck may not favour you.

Libra - in the beginning problems may arise but eventually get settled, enemies will not be able to harm you, stomach, and eye issues possible, and a lack of sleep may cause mental stress and fatigue. Avoid using harsh and abusive language, and maintain harmony and peace in the family. Difficulty in managing savings and expenditure, interest towards self-exploration will increase.

Scorpio - Physical and mental health needs serious attention if you are expecting to take extra care, pay attention to children and their needs, face obstacles on the professional front, control your expenditures, avoid friction with elder siblings, delays and obstacles in work.

Sagittarius - parents' health will not be good, drive carefully, don't do wrong occult practice, the possibility of an accident, vigilance is needed in matters of land and property control expenses, job change or transfer, disturb or improper sleep, left eye and abdomen issues.

Capricorn - you will experience new energy, your willpower will get strong, fewer issues in marriage, partnerships will work better, sources of income will increase, your relationship with siblings will improve, and travelling will be fruitful. Avoid batting and gambling, ear-related issues are possible.

Aquarius - difficulty in saving and expenditure will increase, a lack of peace and harmony in the family, don't ignore health issues related to eye and abdomen, language can be harsh, be polite, enemies will not be able to harm you, chances of getting hurt physically possible, professionally, take care of your parents, avoid taking loan.

Pisces - physical and mental health will not be good, don't use or follow unethical ways, married life may remain disturbed, delays in work possible, children's health and studies need attention, if expecting to take extra care, don't start a business in partnership. Maintain good relationships with brother and sister, spiritual travelling,


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