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Nakshatras are a very important part of Vaidik astrology.While studying the horoscope, special care should be taken of the constellations. Nakshatras have a great influence on the. Hair I will share a incident that happened with me I went to an Astrologer, ask him to tell something about me. At hat time I was studying astrology. That person took gleams of my horoscope straight away one question, how many affairs you have. And I was shocked I don't have any affairs. he told me that your mercury, Venus and Ketu are placed in the ascendant and there connected with moon and aspected by Rahu. I was shocked. I discussed this matter with my teacher, then she analyzed my horoscope, and she told me that you are right, you don't have any affairs, I asked her how. she told me that your ascendant is in Saturn's Nakshatra, and that's why you don't have any affairs. She told me along with the placement of planets one must check Nakshatra also where they are placed.According to the horoscope, the remedy should be given keeping in mind the planets and constellations. while analysing dashes, Antar Dasha, and pratyantar Dasha must keep nakshatras in their mind. If you want to analyse someone's personality, nature, traits, behaviour etc. then check first house of the Kundali, like what planets are please there and they are in which Nakshatra. for example, if Venus is in Saturn's Nakshatra and mercury's Rashi, then that person well carry traits of Venus, Saturn, and Mercury's Zodiac.

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