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Taurus Horoscope


22nd April - 22nd May

Taurus Monthly horoscope

February 2023

During the first half of the month, the ending of a phase leads to a new beginning. You need to release situations or people that hold you back from moving forward. Meditation and positive manifestation will help you. Compare traditional methods with new ideas to see what is best for you. Investments done in the past will give you good returns very soon. During the second half of the month, allow healthy and supportive partnerships into your personal and professional life. Don't jump to any conclusion without analyzing all sides of a situation. Stand up for what you believe. Provide food and shelter to street animals.

TaurusWeekly Horoscope

30th Jan. 23 - 6th Feb . 23

For professional growth whether it is a job or Business, hard work is needed it's time to go back to school and learn some different or extra skills. Traveling is there on the cards. Too much will happen on the relationship front, like rapid changes, unexpected events, and stress. You will need to be multitasking.

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