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The Emperor

Positive events

The emperor is a strong card which represents Power, leadership, authority, logics, rationality, protection and stability. When the Emperor card appears upright, it tells that achievement and respect will be received. A man will have an impact on your life and will help you in personal and business matters. Now is the time to take charge of your present situation whether personal or professional and it may involve setting clear boundaries, making decisions with confidence, or establishing a sense of order. Keep your approach clear and rational while dealing with any situation or problem. You must make a decision after based on after weighing the pros and cons, analyzing data, or making decisions based on facts rather than emotions. Use your powers wisely for the benefits of others and for yourself. You may need to create a sense of safety and security in your life. This may involve establishing boundaries, creating a stable home or work environment or taking practical steps to secure their resources.

In lesser words the upright Emperor card suggests a need for structure, order, clear-headedness, necessary to take charge of a situation, establish boundaries, make decisions based on rational and logical thinking rather than emotions. 

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