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The Hanged Man

Positive events

You have withdrawn the Hanged Man card in the upright position which indicates that a time of pause or suspension, where you may need to sacrifice something in order to gain something or to move forward. In any aspect of life could be personal or professional, do not try to control a situation, issue, or problem, it is advisable to surrender to it willingly before it may go out of your hands. You need to release attachments to certain outcomes or beliefs, and create space for new opportunities to arise. With its effect, you will earn more profit from your business and past investments. If you listen to your inner voice and follow its guidance then you will be benefited. Bring patience in yourself and do not take or do anything in haste it will be beneficial for you in long run. The Hanged Man in the upright position is a symbol of surrender, sacrifice, and letting go. It may indicate a time of waiting, reflection, and trust in yourself and in your power in the process of life, rather than trying to control the situation, issues, or problems.

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