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The Justice

Positive events

The Justice card is a powerful and is associated with fairness, balance, and harmony. You have withdrawn this card in an upright position, which mean that justice will be served in your favor, or you will be treated fairly, and you will be having a sense of balance and harmony in your life. You will have a feeling or experience a sense of peace and contentment in your life, as all things are in balance and aligned and falling to their places itself with your values. You may be held accountable for your actions or may be required to take responsibility for your choices, and to face the consequences of your decisions. Be ready for that. You will be able to see things clearly and objectively, allowing you to make wise decisions based on logic and reasoning. The Justice card in an upright position is a positive sign, indicating fair justice and balance in your life. Your decisions will be based on reasoning and logics. You will experience balance and harmony in your life, and you will be able to take responsibility for your actions and you are aligned with your values and the decision you will make today will benefit you in the long run. Efforts made in the past will be benefited. If you will work with caution, focus, and try to get the right advice, you will be benefited. It will be good if you work with honesty, loyalty and idealism.

Negative events

You have selected the Justice card in a reversed position, which is indication of experiencing a lack of balance, fairness, or accountability in your life. You will be having the feeling of treated unfairly or that decisions made in your life are not balanced or, or you may become scapegoat of circumstances and situation around you in personal and professional life both. There will be a lack of balance and harmony; you may be feeling ungrounded or unstable. Things may be out of alignment with your values and priorities in all aspects of life. You will avoid taking responsibility for your actions or may be in denial mode about the consequences of your choices. Do not try to shift blame onto others. The reversed Justice card can also indicate due to a lack of clarity and objectivity you may have to struggle to see things clearly or you will not be able to make sound decisions based on reason and logic. It also indicates a lack of balance, fairness, or accountability in your life. Now is the time to gain clarity and need to take a closer look at your decisions and actions, and make any necessary. It may be a time to take responsibility for your choices and to work towards creating more balance and harmony in your life. Try to identify your mistakes and work on the.  It will be favorable for you if you will act on the basis of ethical principles and remaining impartial in all aspects of life.

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