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The World

Positive events

The World card is a very positive, powerful and a “yes” card and It is associated with completion, accomplishment, and fulfillment. You will be able to achieve your goals or complete a big project. You will have a sense of satisfaction in all aspects of life.   You will feel pride in what you have accomplished. It is a time to celebrate your success and achievements. You will learn a lot. You will experience a sense of integration and wholeness. You will feel more connected with yourself and others around you. Or it’s a time when you have to reconnect with yourself and people around you. Travelling is possible, or you may have to travel a lot. Travelling will be beneficial. It is time to try new experiences and ventures a s a way to learn and grow or you will be exploring new horizons. Be open to explore new experiences and to embrace the unknown. In short, your wishes will be fulfilled. There will be attainment of achievements, success and victory in all the aspect of life it could be personal, professional, domestic, etc. Keep trying, victory will be yours. The phase of struggle will be over and you  will experience success, satisfaction and fulfillment. Keep your mind open and receptive. 

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