Introduction to Spreads

These are the draw, an old method that is used to answer a particular question; The Basic Spread, the Seven Method , the ancient Bohmian Method, 21 Card Spread, yes/no, daily guidance, Love Spread, Business Spread, Celtic Cross. These spreads can answer a question or Foretell Future prospects. These spreads can help you in difficult situation or you are confused or want daily guidance for you and for others. You can make your own Tarot Spread too as you feel like. 

Different types of Spread


Yes / No and General Message Spread 

This is single card spread and used for a specific answer in "yes" or "no", and can be used for general guidance either for a day or to get rid of any confusion or solution of problem. . Like " will he call me today" here question is specific, answer either will be Yes and no and  Like "What is today's guidance for me ?" or what should I do in my current situation or problem". Here question is not specific but using single cards , you will get answer.


Soulmate Spread

This is Soulmate spread and with this spread, you can ask questions like " Is (name of the person) my soulmate?", "How does this person really feel about me?" or "where is this relationship headed ?"

1. Purpose of this relationship.

2. Block in the relationship.

3. Angels Guidance.

4. Probable outcome, based on current circumstances

new love spread.jpg

New Love Spread

This is New Love spread and with this spread, you can ask questions like "When will I meet my soulmate ?", or "How will I meet my soulmate ?"

1. How to prepare to meet the new person

2. The other person's blocks

3. Your Block

4. Guidance to heal these blocks

5. Message about this new  relationship

Life purpose spread.jpg

Life Purpose Spread

This is Life Purpose spread and with this spread you can ask questions like " What is my life purpose? " or "What step should I take in my career? " or "Is this new business idea a good idea ?"

1. What you have learned in the past

2. What you are currently learning

3. What steps to take right now

4. How you can best help others

5. Your life purpose

Abundance Spread.jpg

Abundance Spread

This is an Abundance spread and with this spread, you can ask questions like "When will the money come in ?", or "Will I make more money soon ?" or " What can I do to make more money?"

1. What you learned about money as a human being

2. Your current thoughts about money

3. Blocks to abundance

4. Guidance about abundance

5. Your next step to take

6. What to expect after you take this step

7. How to keep abundance flowing in your life

healing spread.jpg

Healing Spread

This is Healing spread and with this spread, you can ask questions like " Will I (or loved one) heal from this condition ?", or "How can I help myself (or loved one) heal ? "  or Am I supposed to do healing work? "

1. Past issue about health

2. Present issue about health

3. Guidance about healing

4. What are you still learning

5.The lesson within this situation

6. The possible outcome

connecting with angel.jpg

Your Guardian Angel 

This is Guardian Angel Spread with this spread you can ask questions like "I would like to know the message from guardian angle or Deceased loved one" or Who are my guardian angel ? "

1. Who is with you or your guardian angel 

2. Message from Guardian angel or deceased one

3.How your guardian angel or deceased one helping you

Angel want you to know spread.jpg

What the Angels Want you to know spread

This is Spread is about what your angels want you to know with this spread you can ask questions like "What would the angels like me to know ?" or What would the angels want to tell me about this situation or problem ?"

1. Theme, situation, problem, or relationship

2. Possible block

3. Guidance to heal this block

4. Possible outcome

look ahead.jpg

Looking Ahead Spread

This is Looking Ahead spread or a popular three-card spread with this spread you can ask questions like " What is coming up for me ? " or  " Will my life become smoother soon? "  This spread gives guidance for 3 months and in the last card, you can add cards for next 3 months and so on.

1. Immediate past

2. Present

3.Future or guidance ( Three months ahead)

Job Spread.jpg

Job Spread

This is  Job Spread with this spread you can ask questions like " When will I get a job ? " or  " What to do with a current job opportunity ? "  

1. Your current job Situation or position

2. Opportunities to pick

3.How you will be benefited from these opportunities

4. Possible new source of income

5. Possible Outcome