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Virgo Horoscope


23rd August - 22nd September

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

February 2023

 During the first half of the month, you will start recovering from an illness. remain objective, communicative, and fair-minded. communicate your emotions clearly. When it comes to relationships or friendships make choices from the heart.  During the second half of the month, the end of challenging times. Things will turn out in your favor. Do part-time work for extra income. Health will remain good. A business trip or relocation is on the cards. Embrace your inner child. someone from the past will come back into your life.

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

30th Jan. 23 - 6th Feb . 23

Watch your thoughts. Only think about what you desire, not what you fear. Don't let insecurities and fear to hold you back, face them and move forward fearlessly. On the relationship front, you need lots of strength and courage to take a stand for yourself and your beliefs and choose your battles wisely.

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