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Working with Cards

It is very easy to work with your cards. Keep them at a clean place or you can keep it in your temple wrap them in silky cloth pouch. To read cards one has to charge them and to make connection with them. Observe each and every card and try to connect and understand what they want to tell you. Whenever you do a reading select a natural setting and your readings will be even more powerful. Even having a potted plant, a bouquet or sitting by a window with a view of nature is helpful when working with the cards. If you cannot physically connect with nature, close your eyes and think about a beautiful natural scene, Visualize a garden, a beach, or a flower, and you'll connect with your cards mentally.

Shuffling the Cards

Think of a question, and silently explain it to the fairies as you shuffle the cards. You can ask any question, as long as it's truly what you're wondering about. It's best to ask one question (concentrating on just one topic) at a time. Personally I found that my readings are most accurate when I mentally connect myself with God and ask to help me or guide me. You can ask for assistance from whomever you feel aligned with spiritually, and see how the readings are affected as a result. It works loke miracle.

Jumping Cards

If, while you're shuffling, a card or two leaps out of your hand, please know that this is no accident. These cards have a special message for you and warrant your close attention. What are they trying to tell you related to the question you asked? Your initial gut reaction is probably correct. When I do shuffling , I ask my angels or fairies to fall in my lap if they have any messages for me. And it happens. Cards also have their mood. When they are in mood they give perfect reading and when they are tired of reading they will make you confuse. For me my all cards are alive and I take care of them.

Reverse Cards

When laying out the cards when you turned them and you find some cards in reverse position, don't try to correct their position because  that represents the blocks you have to work on. If it comes when you are doing reading for client than reverse cards tells about the client's block on which client has to work on. Cards helps you to identify these blocks so that you can heal them faster and avoid self-sabotage.

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