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Astrology Yoga

Yoga in astrology


Yoga means to add or to join. Nine planets and 12 houses and the zodiac sign of the planet make countless Yogas in the horoscope. Astrology as we know it, there are 12 parts in the horoscope to know the different aspects of an individual.  All yogas are formed under these 12 houses or bhavas. Sitting in a house or zodiac sign, two or more planets give auspicious results called yoga.

A few things must be considered while analyzing a horoscope, to understand yogas.


General Rule-The general rule is that if Bhav (house), Bhavesh (lord of the house), and Karaka planets are strong and in auspicious influence in the horoscope, then the results related to that Bhav are attained. This rule applies to all houses.


Greh maître vichar (Friendship thoughts of planets)-Planetary friendship must be considered while analyzing yoga in a Horoscope.

If a planet is placed in the house of its friend in the horoscope, then it gives auspicious results, but the planet placed in the place of the enemy cannot give full results.


Permanent Friendship

  • For the Sun-Chandra (Moon), Mars, Jupiter, and Mercury are friends, and Venus, Rahu, Ketu and Shani are enemies. 

  • For Mercury-Shani, Venus, Rahu, and Sun are Mitra (friend), Guru is Sama (Neutral), and the Moon, and Mars are enemies Ketu is super enemies. 

  • For Mars-the Sun, Moon, and Guru are friends, Shani is Sama (neutral), and Venus, Rahu, and Mercury are enemies. 

  • For Guru (Jupiter)-Mars, Moon, and Sun are Mitra (friends), Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are neutral; Rahu and Venus are enemies. 

  • For Venus-Saturn, Mercury, and Rahu are Friends, Sun, and Moon are neutral, and Jupiter and Mars are enemies.

  • For Moon-Mars, Sun, and Guru are friends, and Venus, Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, and Mercury are enemies.

  • For Saturn-Venus, Mercury, and Rahu are friends, Jupiter is neutral, Sun and Mars are enemies of Saturn.


Temporary friendship - In addition to the permanent friendship, there is also an immediate friendship among the planets which is as follows: The planet where it is placed, that planet is from the same place maintains a friendship with the planets placed in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th house and the planet where it is placed, that planet is from the same place maintains the immediate enmity with the planets placed in the 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th house.


Greh Bal (force of planets) – Along with friendship Grehbal must also be considered while analyzing a HoroscopeThere are 6 types of Greh bal (planet force).

  • Sthanabali (Place Fore) - The exalted planet, placed in its own house, friend-housed and Dreshkanastha, that planet is called Sthanabali. Moon and Venus are Sthanabali in the Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces and Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn are called Sthanabali in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

  • Digbal - If Mercury and Jupiter are in the ascendant, Venus and Moon in the 4th house, Saturn in the 7th house and Sun and Mars in the 10th house, then they are called Digbali.

  • Kaalbal - In the horoscope of the person born at night Moon, Saturn and Mars are Kaalbali and Sun, Mercury and Venus in the horoscope of a person born in the day are called Kaalbali.

  • Nesergik bal (Natural forces)- From Saturn to Mars, Mars to Mercury, Mercury to Jupiter, Jupiter to Venus, Venus to Moon and Moon to Sun are called Nesergikbali (natural forces).

  • Drigbal- the planets that have auspicious aspects of auspicious planets called Drigbali.

  • Cheshtabal - If Sun and Moon, Moon and Mars, Moon and Mercury, Moon and Guru, Moon and Venus and Moon and Saturn are placed together in Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini signs, then they are called Cheshtabali. The place where a strong planet is according to its nature, gives the same result.


Greh Drishti (aspect of planets)-Each planet from its place aspects the seventh house with complete aspect, third and tenth house with ek charan Drishti (one step aspect), fifth and ninth house with dou charan Drishti (two-step aspect) and fourth and eighth house with teen charan Drishti (three step aspect), but Mars aspects fourth and eighth house, Jupiter fifth and ninth house and Saturn third and tenth house also with complete vision.


Drishti Prakar (Vision-Type)-Sun and Mars have an upward vision, Venus and Mercury have a sarcastic vision, Moon and Jupiter have a neutral vision and Saturn and Rahu have a downward vision.


Greh Swabhav (planet-temperament)-Sun is of stable intelligence, Moon is fickle, Mars is of cruel mind, -Mercury is of mixed nature, Guru is of soft mind, Venus is of short mind and Saturn is of sharp nature.


Growth of planets-If Saturn is with the Sun, then Saturn’s strength increases. If Mars is with Saturn, then Mars becomes more powerful. If there is a Guru with Mars, then the power of the Guru increases. Similarly, the power of the Moon increases through Guru, Venus through Moon, Mercury through Venus, and Moon through Mercury.


Greh ke Hani (loss of planet)-Moon with the Sun, Mercury in the 4th house from the Ascendant, Jupiter in the 5th house, Mars in the 2nd house, Venus in the 6th house and Saturn in the 7th house, then they fail that house or harm that house.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Greh Doshapharan (planet’s ability to remove dosha of other planets' abduction)-Mercury destroys Rahu's dosha. Shani destroys the dosha of both Rahu and Mercury. Mars destroys the dosha of these three i.e. Rahu, Mercury, and Saturn. Venus destroys the dosha of these four i.e. Rahu, Mercury, Saturn and Mars. Jupiter destroys the dosha of these five i.e. Rahu, Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Saturn. The moon destroys the dosha of these six i.e. Rahu, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter and the sun destroys the dosha of these seven i.e. Rahu, Mercury, Saturn, Mars, Venus Jupiter, and Moon. For example, if the sun is exalted or strong in the horoscope, then it destroys the other dosha in the horoscope of the person.


  • Greh Jagrit Awastha ( awaken planet)-Planets awaken in the exaltation and their Navmansha. The planets placed in the Navmansha of a friend are in dream state and the planets placed in the Navmansha of an enemy are in the sleep state.

Calculation-Yoga is formed by the combination of at least two planets, but the question arises which of those two planets is stronger and in the condition of which planet the result of that yoga will be achieved? For this, the following method should be used. Some marks are assigned to planets according to their placement

Exalted planet +5

  • A planet placed in its own Zodiac Sign +4

  • A planet placed in its friend’s Zodiac Sign +3

  • A planet placed in its Mool Trikona Zodiac Sign +2

  • Uch Abhilashi Greh (ambitious planet) +1


Uch Abhilashi Greh(planet)-Each house or bhav is 30 degrees. All planets move anticlockwise except Rahu and Ketu. When a planet is of more than 28 degrees and less than 30 degrees that means the planet is moving towards the next house, and the next house is a house or Rashi where it becomes exalted, then the planet has a desire to be exalted and become Uch Abhilashi.  Any planet when it is between 28 to 30 degrees or 0 to 2 degrees then it gives results of both houses.


The position of the planet and its related numbers are given above. For example, if the concerned planet is exalted in yoga, then five points should be considered fixed for it. Similarly, 4 points should be given to a planet if it is in its sign, 3 points if it is in a friendly sign, 2 points if it is in Mool Trikona Zodiac Sign and 1 point if it is Uch Abhilasi (ambitious planet).


Even if there is an inauspicious planet, it will be given marks in the same way as given above.

  • Debilitated Planet -5

  • Inauspicious Planet -4

  • Placed in the inauspicious planet’s house -3

  • Have Aspect of inauspicious or Malefic planets -2

  • Neech Abhilashi Greh -1

Neech Abhilashi Greh-Each house or bhav is 30 degrees. All planets move anticlockwise except Rahu and Ketu. When a planet is of more than 28 degrees and less than 30 degrees that means the planet is moving towards the next house, and the next house is a house or Rashi where it becomes debilitated, then the planet has a desire to be debilitated and become Neech Abhilashi.


If the planet is lying in a debilitated sign, then -5, if it is malefic, it is given -4, if it is sitting in the house of malefic, then it is -3, if it is aspected by malefic, then it is given -2 and if it is Neech Abhilashi, it is given 1 mark. Then out of those two planets, the planet which has obtained more marks, in its Mahadasha, in the Antardasha of the other planet, that yoga will give fruitful results. If the auspicious planet gets more marks, then the result will be auspicious and if the malefic planet gets it, the result will be inauspicious. This fact will become clear from the following example.

For example, if there is a Gemini ascendant in a horoscope, then Jupiter and Moon are placed together in the second house and forming Gajakeshari Yoga. Now it has to be seen which of the planets Jupiter and Moon is stronger. For this, the above method was used.


1. Jupiter is exalted by being in Cancer. +5

2. Jupiter is a friend of the Moon and is in the fourth sign Cancer, which is the sign of the Moon.

grand total = 5 + 3 = 8

Moom is in its own house, Moom's score is + 4 points. Because Jupiter Jupiter scored eight, and Moon scored 4. Apart from this, no marks can be obtained. Because Jupiter scored high marks (8) so Jupiter is strong. As per the rules, when the Moon comes in the Mahadasha of the Guru, the Jataka will get the result of 'Gajkeshari Yoga'.

Yogas of all 12 houses

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