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Since I became conscious about myself, I always wondered about the future, destiny, why certain people face troubles more often than others, and countless other questions. From a very young age, I practiced and indulged in various mystic sciences which are shrouded in disbelief and myth. I wanted to know the truth and was desperately looking for answers to all my questions. Eventually, my quest led me to the various mystic science methods such as Vedic astrology, Bhrigu Nandi Astrology, Medical Astrology, Astro Vastu, KP Astrology Mantra-Tantra, Reki, tarot, parrot picking future cards, stones, numerology, and whatnot. I gained the experience of going through all of these methods.

I, then found Kundli/Horoscope analysis, Tarot/Oracle, and certain remedies to be consistent and accurate in life. It's been 15 years since I started practicing Kundli, Tarot, stones, and other such mystic forms. My clients are the testimony of my expertise and knowledge. It is very satisfactory to me when I see my clients being confident about the direction they should pursue. I speak in a forward manner and often come as a surprise to many, however, I am humble enough to understand and empathize with hardships that people face in their life.

I firmly believe that only those who are destined to know their future can find the answers to their questions! If God didn't want you to know it, I doubt that you would have found me in the first place or would've been able to contact me. Knowing an answer to your question is a form of mercy that God bestows upon us!

I wish you immense good luck with fact-finding !!

Lata Jaain

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