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Our Services

Welcome to Kundli Dikhao, your destination for astrology, tarot and healing services. Specializing in personalized horoscope/Kundli services, we deliver in PDF format to your email or WhatsApp. Our astrologers provide Kundli consultations and a range of insightful reports with effective remedies. Explore diverse Kundli reports, including the Dshaphal, Numerology Report, Sade-Sati Report, Manglik Dosh Report, and Kaal Sarp Dosh Report. At Kundli Dikhao, we grasp the significance of Kundli Milan, guiding you to ensure compatibility and harmony in relationships.

Additionally, Kundli Dikhao offers Tarot Sessions with flexible options—choose from one, two, or three questions, and sessions of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Beyond the stars, we provide healing sessions tailored for love, career, finance, job, marriage, and more. Our expert Astrologers, Tarot Readers, and healers bring solace and guidance to various aspects of your life's journey. Trust Kundli Dikhao to illuminate your path with celestial insights and personalized consultations.

Why choose Kundli Dikhao for your astrology needs?

  • Holistic Astrology Services: Our comprehensive astrology services cover horoscope/kundli, consultations, specialized reports, and effective remedies.

  • Tailored Kundli Reports: Receive detailed insights into your life's journey with personalized kundli reports, including Numerology, Sade-Sati, and more.

  • Kundli Milan Expertise: Ensure harmonious relationships with our expert-guided Kundli Milan reports and consultations.

  • Versatile Tarot Sessions: Gain clarity on life's questions through flexible tarot sessions tailored to your needs.

  • Healing Sessions: Experience healing sessions focused on love, career, finance, job, marriage, and more.


Experience the power of astrology and tarot with Kundli Dikhao's expert services, all offered at exceptionally reasonable prices. Whether you seek astrological guidance or tarot insights, Kundli Dikhao is here to assist you on your journey. Book your session now and unlock the secrets of your destiny

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