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Match Making

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Match-making Or Gun Milan is a process of comparing two Horoscope/Kundli. Matchmaking/gun-milanis used in Vedic Astrology to check the compatibility between a boy and a girl before marriage. Match making/Gun-Milan helps them to understand each other and there will be less chances of trouble. Match making/Gun-Milan can provide a solution to run married life. There are conflicts in married life. But if horoscopes are matched then it can be seen where conflicts can be avoided. Match-makingGuna Milan is a matching of the eight aspects that determine the compatibility between a couple. In simple terms, each aspect or Guna, which is a total of eight in number, is assigned points. The first Guna is assigned 1 point, the second Guna is assigned 2 points, and so on, making it a total of 36 points. Kundli matching score is then calculated with 36 as the maximum score. If the matchmaking score is less than 24 not a suitable match and if it is above 28 then also it is not considered good. some points should be kept in mind while matching the horoscope. Kundli Milan/Kundli match has two types first Planetary matching and Nakshatra matching. Both good and bad planets should be seen in the horoscope of both the boy and the girl. 

For the 7th house the Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Shani, and amavasya ka Chandra( waning moon).

If the partner's house is empty and has no bad aspects to it then definitely married life will be good. And if the 7th house is occupied with bad planets and auspicious planets giving aspect to it then problems will be less to some extent.

These 8ashtkoot points are considered for horoscope matching. These 8 points are taken from the horoscope of both the boy and the girl and then they are combined and seen. At Kundli Dikhao avail of this service with and without consultation. 

अष्टकूट/Ashtkoot Points


1. वर्ण / Varna

2. वश्य / Vashya

3. तारा / Tara

4. योनि / Yoni

5. ग्रह-मैत्री / Greh Maitri

6. गण / Gan

7. भकूट / Bhakoot 

8. नाड़ी / Nadi


The behaviour of boy and girl is seen from वर्ण. It has one points.

Attraction between boy and girl is seen from वश्य . it has 2 points.

Luck of boy and girl is seen from तारा. It has 3 points.

Sexual tendencies of boy and girl is seen from तारा. It has 4 points.

Planet friendship between boy and girl's chart is seen from ग्रह-मैत्री and has 5 points.

Thinking or thought process is seen from गण and has 6 points.

Happiness, widow consideration is seen from भकूट and it has 7 points.

It has 8 points

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