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Kundli Milan/Gun Milaan


Matchmaking Or Gun Milan is a process of comparing two Horoscope/Kundli. It is used in Vedic Astrology to check the compatibility between a boy and a girl before marriage. It helps them to understand each other and in the chances of trouble, it can provide a solution to run married life. There are bound to be conflicts in married life. But if horoscopes are matched then it can be seen where conflicts can be avoided. Guna Milan is a matching of the eight aspects that determine the compatibility between a couple. In simple terms, each aspect or Guna, which is a total of eight in number, is assigned points. The first Guna is assigned 1 point, the second Guna is assigned 2 points, and so on, making it a total of 36 points. Kundli matching score is then calculated with 36 as the maximum score. If the matchmaking score is less than 24 not a good match and if it is above 28 then also it is not considered good. some points should be kept in mind while matching the horoscope. Kundli Milan/Kundli match has two types first Planetary matching and Nakshatra matching.

Such as both good and bad planets should be seen in the horoscope of both the boy and the girl. 

For the 7th house the Sun, Mars, Rahu, Ketu, Shani, and amavasya ka Chandra( waning moon).

If the partner's house is empty and has no bad aspects to it then definitely married life will be good. And if the 7th house is occupied with bad planets and auspicious planets giving aspect to it then problems will be less to some extent.

These 8ashtkoot points are considered for horoscope matching. These 8 points are taken from the horoscope of both the boy and the girl and then they are combined and seen.


Nowadays online Kundli Milan/Gun Milan is very easily available. You just have to enter the details and the report will be generated. Online gun milaan main total points are known but it is not known how is your future life partner. Whatever he is telling about himself is correct or not.  That's why horoscope analysis should also be done along with Guna Milan.

अष्टकूट/Ashtkoot Points

वर्ण / Varna

वश्य / Vashya

तारा / Tara

योनि / Yoni

ग्रह-मैत्री / Greh Maitri

गण / Gan

भकूट / Bhakoot 

नाड़ी / Nadi

The behaviour of boy and girl is seen from वर्ण. It has one point.

Attraction between boy and girl is seen from वश्य . it has 2 points.

The luck of the boy and girl are seen from तारा. It has 3 points.

Sexual tendencies of boy and girl are seen from योनि . It has 4 points.

Planet friendship between boy and girl's chart is seen from ग्रह-मैत्री and has 5 points.

Thinking or thought process is seen from गण and has 6 points.

Happiness, widow consideration is seen from भकूट and it has 7 points.

It has 8 points

वर्ण  कूट/ Varna koot

Varna Vichar is done to see the behavior of the boy and the girl that how will be the behavior of both of them with each other after marriage. All 12 zodiac Signs are divided into elements i.e fire, earth, air, and water.  Aries, Leo, And Sagittarius are अग्नि तत्व/fire signs and they are considered Kshatriya( क्षत्रिय). Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are पृथ्वी तत्व/Earth signs and are considered Vaishya(वैश्य). Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are वायु तत्व/air signs and are considered Shoodra(शूद्र). Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are जल तत्व/water signs and are  Brahmin(ब्राह्मण).

Good combination- अग्नि तत्व/fire Sign+ अग्नि तत्व/fire sign, पृथ्वी तत्व/Earth sign+पृथ्वी तत्व/Earth sign, वायु तत्व/air sign+वायु तत्व/air sign, and जल तत्व/water sign+जल तत्व/water sign.

Not good combination- अग्नि तत्व/fire Sign+जल तत्व/water sign, अग्नि तत्व/fire sign+ पृथ्वी तत्व/Earth sign, वायु तत्व/air sign+and जल तत्व/water sign

The above chart is Varna Bodh Talika. On both sides horizontally and vertically Varna is given and 1 point is assigned to each. If in the girl's chart Varn is Brahmin and in the boy's chart varna is Vaishya. Then the score will be 0 but if the Girl's and boy's varna is the same then the score will be 1 which means the behavior of both will be good towards each other.

Varn Table 1.png

वश्य कूट / Vaishya koot

It is done to see the attraction between the boy and the girl that how much attraction will there be between the two after marriage. In astrology, all zodiac signs are divided into four categories according to their behavior and those categories are चतुष्पाद/quadrupeds, मानव/humans, जलचर/aquatic,  and कीट/insects, वनचर/ living in the forest.

चतुष्पाद/quadrupeds - मेष/Aries, वृषभ/Taurus , and मकर/Capricorn

मानव/humans -  मिथुन/Gemini, कन्या/Virgo, and  तुला/Libra, धनु/Sagittarius, and कुंभ/Aquarius

जलचर/aquatic - कर्क/Cancer and मीन/Pisces

कीट/insects - वृश्चिक/Scorpio

वनचर/ living in the forest - सिंह/Leo

If the Vaishya of the boy and the girl is the same, then they get full 2 ​​marks. But if Vaishya is not the same then 1, .5, and 0 marks are given. Like the girl's Vaishya is human and the boys' animal. Then  0 marks are given because Vancher and Manav cannot live together and there will be no attraction for each other.

Vashya Table 2.png

Tara koot/तारा कूट

In Vedic astrology, Tara is the birth constellation. It is a very important point in Kundli matching/Milan. We take this point into consideration to analyze the health, relationship compatibility, and success of the partners after their marriage. The Nakshatra in which the Moon is present at the time of birth is called Janma Nakshatra. In horoscope matching, it is called Tara. There are 9 types of stars.

1. The 1st birth star is Known as Janam tara or birth star.

2. The 2nd nakshatra from birth is called Sampat Tara.

3. The 3rd nakshatra from birth is called Vipat Tara.

4. The 4th nakshatra from birth is called Kshem or Chhem Tara.

5. The 5th one from the birth star is known as Pratyari tara. It is considered as most inauspicious Tara.

6. The 6th one from the birth star is known as Sadhaka tara.

7. The 7th one from the birth star is called Vadh Tara.

8. The 8th one from the birth star is known as the Mitra star or Friend star.

9. The 9th one from the birth star is known as Param Mitra or Best Friend star.

In the table given below, the Nakshatra is divided into 9 stars.


Screenshot (107).png


तारा गुणांक तालिका/Tara calculation table

वर तारा/Boy Tara

Screenshot (99).png

कन्या / Girl tara

If the Tara of the boy and the girl is the same, then they get full 3 ​​marks. But if Vaishya is not the same then 1, .5, and if both tara are inauspicious tara then 0 marks are given. Like the girl's Tara is Mitra and the boys' Mitra then  3 marks are given, if the girl's Tara is Mitra and the boys' Vpat then  1.5 points are given, and if the girl's Tara is Vipat and the boys' Vadh then  0 marks are given. 

योनि कूट/Yoni Koot

In the process of Kundli Milan, the yoni point is mainly used to determine sexual compatibility or tendencies of both the boy and girl.. It is analyzed from Nakshatra. Each Nakshatra represent one animal that is Yoni . There are 4 types of yoni i.e same yoni, friend yoni, neutral  yoni, and shatru/enemy yoni.There is some Shatru Yoni in the Yoni too. Yoni is given 4 points. If the yoni is the same for both the boy and girl then you get 4 points. The minimum point is 0. Given below are 3 tables.

1. Yoni Koota Table (that tells, Nakshatra and their Yoni), 2. Enemy/Shatru Yoni Table (that tells about some Yonis are hostile to each other), 3. Yoni Koota Table (which tells the point obtained)

1. Yoni koot Table

Screenshot (102).png

2. Shatru Yoni koot Table

3. Shatru Yoni koot match Table

वर योनि/Boy Yoni

कन्या योनि/ Girl Yoni

ग्रह मैत्री/Planetary Friendship 

Greh Maitri another important ashtkoot point. As name suggest it means friendship among planets. All 7 planets have relation with each other, some of them are good friends and some are enemies. For example Jupiter and Moon are very good friend with each other and on other hand Moon have enemity with Venus and Saturn. Greh maitri is use to analyze whether the partners are in sync with each other. Same greh Maitri koot indicate less differences of opinions between both the boy and girl and it gives overall idea about the competebility too. Greh maitri has 5 points. If planets are friendwith each other then 5 points, and if shatru/enemy then 0 points. To see planetary friendship, the moon sign and its lord of the boy and the girl is seen. The sign in which the moon is placed at the time of birth is the moon sign.

Below are 2 tables, in table 1 you can see which planet is friend or enemy with which planet and in table 2 you can see the points for greh maitri..

नैसर्गिक ग्रह मैत्री तालिका/Plnetary Friendship Table

Screenshot (104).png

नैसर्गिक ग्रह मैत्री गुण मिलाप तालिका/Natural Planet Friendship Properties Matching Table

वर के ग्रह/Boy's  Planet

Screenshot (105).png

कन्या के ग्रह/ Girl's Planet


Gana is 6th koot of ashtkoot. It has 6 marks. There are three types of Gana i.e Dev Gana, Manushya Gana, and rakshas Gana. Gana is calculated from nakshatras. There are 27 Nakshatra. These Nakshatra are divided into three Gana. Gana is matched to see the temperament of both partners, the tendency to harmonize, and the ability to control each other. If Gana is the same then there are fewer issues in marriage. The people who have Dev Gana will have qualities like Devtas, people belonging to the Manushya Gana will have human-like qualities, and those belonging to the Rakshas Gana will have Rakshas-like qualities. If the boy and girl both have Dev Gana in Kundli Milan, then it is a perfect match and if one of the two has Dev Gana and the other Manushya Gana, this match is also auspicious but the Dev Gana and the Rakshas Gna and the Rakshas Gana and the Manushya Gana will not work as everyone knows that rakshas has enmity with gods and humans. 

Below you can see which Nakshatras/constellations are देव गण/gods, मनुष्य गण/humans and राक्षस गण/demons.


देव गण/Dev Gana - Ashwani, Mrigshira, Pushya, hast, Swati, Anuradha, Shravna, and Revti 

मनुष्य गण/Manushya Gana - Bharini, Rohini, Adra, Poorva Phalguni, Uttra phalguni, Poorva Ashada, Uttra Ashada, poorva Bhadrapad, and uttra bhadrapad.

राक्षस गण/Rakshas Gana - Kritika, Aslesha, magha, Chitra, Vishakha, Jayeshtha, Moola, Dhanishta, shatbhisha.

गण गुण तालिका/ Gana Table

वर के गण/Boy's  Gana

कन्या के गण/ Girl's Gana

भकूट विचार/Bhakoot

Bhakoot is 7th koot in matchmaking or Kundli Milan. It is used to analyze overall happiness, health, and wealth. It has 7 points the 2nd highest point. It is analyzed through the placement of the Moon in both the boy and girl charts. We count from the boy's moon Rashi to Girls moon Rashi and the girl's moon Rashi to the boy's moon Rashi. There are some sets i.e. 1/1, 1/7, 2/12, 3/11, 4/10, 5/9, and 6/8. out of these sets 1/1, 1/7,3/11, and 4/10 is considered auspicious and 2/12, 5/9, and 6/8 are inauspicious. Inauspicious set causes problems in married life 2/12 causes wealth issues, 5/9 causes pregnancy issues, and 6/8 causes health issues, widower consideration did with 6/8. During a match when the bhakoot point is 0 then it is called bhakoot dosh and the match is considered good when 7 points are obtained.  However bhakoot dosh gets canceled or not considered if the planets in both charts are placed well If lagan lord is the same or friend if the Moon Rashi lord is the same or friends, and if Navmansha Kundli is favorable or the planets are both the boy and girls Kundli are placed well. In the below-mentioned table, the points allocated for each type of match between different rashis.

Bhakoot Table/भकूटतालिका

वर /Boy

Screenshot (108).png

कन्या / Girl

नाड़ी विचार/Nadi

Nadi is the last Ashtkoot in matchmaking. It carries the highest mark which is 8. It helps in analyzing the health compatibility between the boy and the girl. When the boy and girl have the same Nadi then it is not considered auspicious. It is said that if there is Nadi Dosha in matching Kundli, then one or both of the boy or the girl may have to face calamities like death. If the Nadi of the boy and girl is Madhya, then the boy's age gets affected or face difficulties and If the Nadi of the boy and girl is Adi, then the girl's age gets affected and face difficulties, in both case, they will get 0 Marks. And if the Nadi of both the boy and girl is not the same then it is a good match and both will get 8 marks. Nadi in the Kundli/horoscope is seen from the constellation of the Moon. There are 3 types of Nadi i.e. Adi Nadi/आदि नाडी, Madhya Nadi/मध्य नाड़ी, and Antya Nadi/अन्‍त्‍य नाड़ी. All 27 Nakshatra/constellations have been equally divided into the three nadis.

Adi Nadi - Aswini, Adra, Punervasu, Uttraphalguni, Hast, Jayeshtha, Moola, Shatbhisha, and Poorvabhadrapad.

Madhya - Bharni, Mrigshira, Pushya, Poorvaphalguni, Chitra, Anuradha, Poorvashada, Dhanishtha, and Uttrabhadrapad

Antya - Kritika, Rohini, Ashlesha, Magha, Swati, Vishakha, Uttrashada, Shravan, and Revti

In the below-mentioned table, the points allocated for each type of match between different Nais.

वर /Boy

Screenshot (110).png

कन्या / Girl

There is some such situation when there is no Nadi Dosha. 

 If the birth star/Janam Nakshatra of the boy and girl are the same, but the zodiac signs are different, then there is no Nadi Dosh.

If the birth star/ Janam Nakshatra of the boy and girl are the same but the feet of both are different, then there is no Nadi Dosh.

If the birth star/ Janam Nakshatra of the bride and groom are the same, but the zodiac signs are different, then there is no Nadi Dosh.

According to Piyush Dhara, there are some remedies like donating gold, donating cows, donating clothes, donating food, making a gold snake idol, and reciting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, Nadi Dosh gets pacified.

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