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Remedies - A way of solving a problem or changing or improving something that is wrong or bad. Astrological Remedies are solutions to any problem we face in our everyday life. We face many problems in our life because of our karma, It could be health issues, financial problems, marriage issues, loss, debt, family harmony, etc. every problem. Our planets in the Kundli /Horoscope sit according to our karma. It sounds a little strange but it is a fact.  According to my experience, to fix any planet in the horoscope, along with the remedies Karak Tatva of that particular planet should be followed. These days various remedies are available like remedies from Vedic astrology, Remedies from Lal Kitab, Nadi Astrology Remedies, etc. And all these remedies are available on the internet but which remedy to do is a tricky thing and for that, one must go for Kundli / Horoscope analysis. Remedies can reduce the intensity of your problem, and if one thinks like that remedies can remove problems 100% then it is wrong. Whatever the Karma we have done in the past life we have to pay for them in the present birth. 

Tonay Totke - Often people think that Tonay and Totke are the same but there is a lot of difference between the two. The first and clear distinction between Tonay and Totke is that Tonay (all Tonay is not bad) or Tona is done only to do evil while Totke is done to do something good. Tonay or Tona is the wrong way of attaining the unattainable, and Totke or Totka is the sacred way of attaining the unattainable. If you practice Tona on someone it will come back to you like your bad karma and you have to pay for that. These days we see many posts and advertisements, where people are claiming about, bringing back their ex, getting their lost love, Vashikaran (taking control of someone), etc. These are bad practices and one must not do that.  Here I will share some good and simple remedies which if you perform in the long run, you will be benefitted. One must do it with the belief that after performing these remedies my situation will become better.

Kundli Dikhao has the solution to the problem. Kundli Dikhao uses different methods to solve the problem like planetary remedies, small Tonay-Totke (good practice), Tantra-Mantra, healings(love, health, profession, money, etc.), Hawan-pooja, etc.

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