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Medical Astrology-Kundli, Planets, zodiacs, and Human Health

Medical Astrology is the branch or sub-part of Astrology that deals with Health and Longevity issues or in other words can tell about your possible health issues. It helps to diagnose a disease or possible health issues from house, planets, and zodiac signs/Rashi. Each sign, house, and planet is associated with many possible diseases and body parts.  if a planet is placed badly or in an enemy sign and have a bad planetary influence on it can cause disease but It doesn’t mean that a person will be having most of the diseases. In medical astrology, we see possible health issues with the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses of the chart. Along with it, Medical astrology works on certain rules like “Trine Connectivity rule, “1/7 & 2/12 rule”, “PACE rule”, Retrograde Rule”, “Degree rule” and Friendship and Enmity rule among planets. While analyzing a chart all the above rules need to be considered.

Rules in Medical Astrology


These days you can find many astrologers teaching astrology, medical astrology, and Astro Vastu for less money, and no doubt they are providing information but not complete information and less information is always dangerous. The above headings are rules of medical astrology. These are the basic rules. To understand Medical astrology better and how it works can be understood by studying basic astrology. Medical astrology is easy for a person who is an astrologer or has knowledge of astrology. But those who are new to astrology must learn basic astrology. Like what are planets, houses/bhav and their meaning, planets in different houses/bhav or in a zodiac sign, dasha, anterdasha, gochar, zodiac signs planets, etc?

At Kundli Dikhao, we provided detailed information on astrology. Language is very easy to understand with explanations and examples. Click here to know more about astrology. Kundli Dikhao also provides astrology classes online and offline both.

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