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Learn Occult

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Vedic Astroloy

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Kundli Matching

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Tarot Reading

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Medical Asrology

Course/Classes We Offer


  • The maximum strength of the class will be 5, and 1 to 1 class is also available.

  • Course material will be provided.

  • Classes will be online either on zoom.

Learn Vedic Astrology

Course Content  

1. Introduction

2. Basics of astrology

3. Planets and their characteristics

4. 12 houses of the horoscope

5. 12 houses in detail

6. Nakshatras

7. 12 lagans or ascendents

8. Dasha and its prediction

9. different combinations and yogas

10. Gochar or transition

11. Remedies

Course Fee ₹ 9999 only  

Learn Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is the branch or sub-part of Astrology that deals with Health and Longevity issues or in other words can tell about your possible health issues. It helps to diagnose a disease or possible health issues from houses, planets, and zodiac signs/Rashi. Each sign, house, and planet is associated with many possible diseases and body parts.  if a planet is placed badly or in an enemy sign and has a bad planetary influence on it can cause disease but It doesn’t mean that a person will having most of the diseases. In medical astrology, we see possible health issues with the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses of the chart. Along with it, Medical astrology works on certain rules like the “Trine Connectivity rule, “1/7 & 2/12 rule”, “PACE rule”, Retrograde Rule”, “Degree rule” and Friendship and Enmity rule among planets. While analyzing a chart all the above rules need to be considered.

For detailed Medical Astrology Click here

Course Content
1. Introduction

2. Basics rules of Medical astrology

3. Planet's friendship and enmity 

4. 12 houses and their diseases

5. Planet's strong position in the chart

6. Planetary combination for disease

7. Remedies

Course Fee ₹ 5100 only 

Learn Tarot Card Reading

Course Content  

1. History of Tarot

2. Different types of spreads

3. Major Arcana (In detail)

4. Suits of the wand, Pentacles, Cups, and Swords

5. Tarot cards and Zodiac signs

6. One-liner meaning of all 78 cards

7.  21 Card combination

8. Meaning of colours in tarot cards

9. one class to clear doubts

10. Free 30-minute Tarot session during the course

11. One Rikki Symbol

12. How to use tarot for self-guidance

13. Study material in pdf format

14. How to cleanse yourself

Course Duration 15 -20 days 

Time Duration 1 hour for each class 

Course Fee ₹ 21000 only  

Learn Intuitive Tarot Reading

Course Content  

1.  History of Tarot

2. Different types of spreads

3. Major Arcana

4. Minor Arcanas

5. Tarot cards and Zodiac signs

6.  How to find your cards with numerology

7.   Study material in pdf format

8. Free 30 min Tarot session during the course

9.  Time duration 1 hour every day

10. Calculate your favorable date with Tarot cards

Course Duration  5 days 

Time Duration 1 hour for each class 

Course Fee ₹ 858 only  

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