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The Hanged Man

Negative events

You have selected the Hanged Man card in a reverse position in a reading, which indicates that you are not letting go or surrendering to a situation, problem, or an issue. You are trying to control it but you are not able to control it.  You are struggling in release attachments to certain outcomes or beliefs, due to which you are experiencing frustration or anxiety in your life. You are experiencing the feeling of being stuck or stagnant in a particular area of your life, and that you are having difficulty finding a way forward. Do not resist change or growth, this resistance to change is hindering your progress and potential. Keep your thought process positive and indulge yourself in spiritual activities or meditation.
To move forward in a positive direction, you need to take out some time to reflect on your current situation, problem or issue and release fear and insecurity that may be holding you back. To stay on the right path, you have to use your willpower. There will be loss due to quick and hasty decision-making.

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