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The Sun

Negative events

You have withdrawn the Sun card in reverse position indicates a period of temporary difficulties, darkness or uncertainty. Due to a lack of clarity, direction can make you lose your way or purpose in your life. There will be struggle with find motivation or enthusiasm for your current situation or problem Alternatively, it is possible that you may develop overconfidence or arrogance. Due to pride and ego you can lose some good opportunities, or can make wrong choices or decision. Generally, reversed  tarot cards  often indicate a need for self-evaluation,  reflection, and a willingness to look at things from a different perspective/point of view. Take some time out for yourself and think   about your current situation and changes you might need to make in order to move forward or to achieve your life purpose. It is advisable that if you are going through such feeling or phase then seek out the guidance and support of trusted family members friends, or spiritual advisors if needed.

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