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The Wheel of Fortune

Negative events

The Wheel of Fortune in the reversed position not a very good sign indicates a period of stagnation or resistance to change. You may have a feeling of being stuck in a particular situation, or that you are struggling to make progress towards your goals. You may be experiencing bad luck or unfortunate circumstances. But remember4 that nothing is permanent and things will eventually turn around very soon. You need to learn to take responsibility for your own actions and choices. You may face the consequences of past decisions or behaviors, and it's important to take ownership of these mistakes and work to make positive changes moving forward. Do not resist changes or refusing to take risks. Leave old patterns or beliefs behind that are preventing you from moving forward and achieving your goals. In short the wheel of fortune in reverse position reminds you that life is constantly changing and you must learn to willingly adapt and evolve in order to achieve success and fulfillment. Explore more option and stay open to new opportunities and do meditation and bring positive changes in yourself and in your life, even when time is challenging or uncomfortable.

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