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The World

Negative events

You have withdrawn the World card in the reverse position which indicates some challenges or obstacles that you may face on all the fronts, and blocking you from achieving your goals, dreams, and desires. You may also have a feeling of failure in everything. There will be delay in getting the result of the work due to which you may experience anger, frustration, disappointments, and irritation. Regular Meditation will help you to overcome from your difficulties. If need consult a counselor or healer. If you have any unfinished business or loose ends then it is a time when you have to tied up before you can move on. Or before you begin any new work, project, job, or relationship then you have to finishes the close the open ends and unfinished tasks.  You may feel that you are not able to or struggling to bring a project, business, or task to completion or to resolve a conflict with someone important in your life. You may have a feeling of stuck or not able to connect with yourself and people around you. You may find it difficult to adjust in new environment or surroundings. This is a time to reevaluate on your priorities and values and to make sure that your actions are aligned with your true desires. You will go through difficulties in or be struggling to let go of the past or to move/avoid a difficult situation. Learn to forgive and focus on healing yourself to take steps towards closure and resolution. Release any kind of anger and un-forgiveness from your heart and mind.

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