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Dashaphal /Prediction with Dasha

1. Any planet gives results in its dasha, or anterdsha according to its nature and placement in the horoscope. If the planet is placed well or has good aspects on it or is strong in the chart will give good results in its dasha and anterdasha.

2. Even without relation, the lord of the center gives auspicious results when the antardasha of the owner of the triangle comes in its dasha. Similarly, the triangles lord also gives auspicious results in its dasha in the antardasha of the lord of the center.

3. If Rahu and Ketu are placed well and do not make any connection to any other planet, then in their dasha, they give good results when the antardasha of the yogkaraka planet comes.

4. In the mahadasha of the 5th lord, the antardasha of the ninth lord is very auspicious.

5. The dasha of the 9th lord combined with the 5th lord is going to give good results. In the same way, the dasha of the 4th lord combined with the 10th house lord is also auspicious. The dasha of the ascendant's lord combined with the 5th or 9th lord gives auspicious results.

6. The dasha of the 9th and 10th lord combined with the 5th lord and the dasha of the 10th lord combined with the 4th lord gives happiness and wealth.

7. The dasha of the 10th house lord placed in the 9th house gives respect, wealth, and happiness.

8. The dasha of the 6th and 7th house lord becomes auspicious when the 6th and 7th lords are placed in the 10th house or conjunct with the lord of the 10th house.

9. if the lord of the 2nd and 7th house (Marak Bhav) is one planet, then the Dasha of the lord of the mark bhav becomes auspicious if the lord of Marak bhav is placed in the 4th house or conjunct with the lord of the 4th house.

10. if the 6th, 8th, or 12th house lord conjunct with the 5th house lord then their dasha gives good results.

11. The placement of the 4th house lord in the 10th house, and the 5th house lord in the 4th house then the dasha of the 4th and 5th house is considered auspicious.

12.  If there is Antardasha of Venus in the Mahadasha of Saturn, then the result of Venus is obtained only. And If there is Antardasha of Saturn in the Mahadasha of Venus, then the result of Venus is obtained only.

13. Even after having a relationship with the auspicious planets, the antardasha of the benefic planets is not Marak during the dasha of the markesh planet. And even without a relationship, it becomes Marak in the antardasha of inauspicious planets.
14. Even without any relationship with the lord of the center, during the anterdasha of the lord of the trikon, results will auspicious. The lord of the trikon during its dasha the anterdasha of the lord of the center is auspicious.
15. In the case of a malefic planet, only inauspicious results are obtained when the antardasha of auspicious planets do not have a relation with it. And in the antardasha of the benefic planets related to them, auspicious results are obtained.

While analyzing the dashas, ​​the planet whose Dasha is to be seen, see where it is placed in the birth chart. Consider that house as Ascendant and then according to that ascendant, what can be the results in different houses, this can lead to a more precise analysis. Similarly, pratyanter dasha can also be seen. there are 9 kinds of  तारा/star and these are Janam, Sampat, Vipat, Kshem or Chhem, pratyaari,

Saadhak, Mrityu, Maitri, and Ateemitra. Out of these tara the 3rd Vipat Tara, 5th Pratyaari tara, and 7th Mrityu Tara, planets placed in these tara give inauspicious results.

The planet whose dashaphal is being seen, in which constellation it is placed, should also be seen. Make a count from the birth constellation to the constellation of the planet Dasha. If its number is third, fifth or seventh, then the results of the dasha can be inauspicious. If there is a Dasha of an inauspicious planet, then being situated in any of these 3 Tara/stars will cause more inauspiciousness. If there is a dasha of an auspicious planet, being situated in these inauspicious Tara/star will not give auspicious results. It has been experienced many times that the dasha of a planet should be considered auspicious. And it is not giving auspicious results or giving inauspicious results. In such a situation, on seeing the position of the constellation, it is clear that the planet is situated in an inauspicious tara/star. Therefore, while deciding the dashaphal, the constellation position of the planet should also be taken care of.


Anterdasha Phaladesh/prediction

In the dasha of each planet, there is an antardasha of nine planets. In order to know the results of Antardasha, according to the principles which have been given, a decision will have to be made. In this, it has to be seen mainly what is the relationship between Dasha lord and Antardasha lord, that is, they are mutual friends, enemies, or even. Secondly, in which house is the Antardasha load placed from the Dasha lord, if it is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house from the placement of the Dasha lord, then it gives inauspicious results. If Antardasha Lord is placed in trikon from the placement of Mahadasha Lord and if Antardasha Lord is Strong and not enemies with the Dasha lord then auspicious results will be obtained. While predicting Dasha Phal, it is necessary to see in which house Dasha lord is placed in the Gochar/ Transition then dasha lord will give results of the house in which it is placed. Similarly, the Anterdasha lord should also be looked at. In transit, if the Dasha Lord is in a debilitated zodiac sign or is have malefic aspect on it, then even though it is auspicious, it will not be able to give auspicious results.

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