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Mercury in different Houses


Mercury is very near to the Sun. The distance of Mercury from Earth is 168.72 million km and its radius is 2439.7 km. Among the planets, it has a prince rank. It represents speech and intelligence. It is considered an inauspicious planet. Usually, It stays for 41 days in one zodiac. Mercury is lord of The Zodiac Signs Gemini and Virgo and fixed lord of the 6th house. It is exalted in Virgo at 15 degrees and debilitated in Pisces at 15 degrees. It is a neutral planet. It has no effect of its own It gives auspicious and inauspicious results according to the influence of the planet. Mercury considers the Sun and Venus friends, Jupiter, mars, and Saturn neutral, and the Moon enemy.  It gives auspicious results to the Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Capricorn ascendants. We see Speech, arts, intelligence, friends, metal gold, and brass, business, memory, stone, disease like loss of memory, seizures, chickenpox, skin, brain problems, dumbness education Intelligence, cleverness, voice, happiness, education, maths, writing, arguments, astrology, dance, drama, family, business, negotiator, maternal uncle, friends, relatives, throat, nose, ears, lungs. It is considered neutral and gives results according to the planets that sit with it.

There are twelve houses in the horoscope and nine planets.  The planets can be in any house in the horoscope. Results will be given by the planet depending on its nature, placement, and relation with that bhav/house, or which side of life that house is related to. It is known that some planets are auspicious, that is, wherever they are placed, they will increase the Karak tatva of that house and some inauspicious planets spoil the Karak tatva/elements of that house.  That's why first of all see what effect each planet shows on different houses. Next is the Mercury.


Mercury in 1st House/Ascendant

In astrology, Mercury is considered the planet of intelligence, writing, and eloquence.  Mainly, the intellectual status of a person is judged by the position of Mercury in the Kundli, Mercury's own zodiac signs are Gemini and Virgo.  Having Mercury in the Ascendant makes the person calm, generous, humble, and skilled in arts.  Some scholars think that the Mercury in the Ascendant makes the native a scholar of pure intellect and a renunciate, and even after being old, the person looks younger.


Mercury in 2nd House

The Second House If Buddha is located in this house, then the person earns money with his intelligence.  One gets the best pleasure of food.  He is clever at talking.  There is humility in nature.  There is wealth gain in the 36th year.  Success is achieved in the field of education.


Mercury in 3rd House

The third House- If Mercury is situated in this house, then one gets skills in writing and publication.  According to the opinion of Brihat Pawan Jatak, the mind of the Jatak is not pure.  And there is an obstacle to happiness.  According to Western opinion, if Mercury is in the third house of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, then the person is a knower of secret methods and there is a benefit from migration.  Writer, poet, astrologer, and publisher, Mercury is often found in third place in their birth papers.  If Mercury in the third house is in a male sign, then special auspicious results are obtained.  Mercury of female sign reduces auspicious results.


Mercury in 4th House

The Forth House -  If there is Mercury in the fourth house, then it is good to get money and good friends are obtained.  But if this Mercury is related to malefic planets, then there is an obstacle to happiness.  According to the opinion of Acharya Mantreshwar, Mercury in the fourth house makes one knowledgeable in mathematics.  According to western opinion, if there is Mercury in the fourth house in its own sign, then the last part of life goes well.  The memory power is sharp and inner knowledge is also good.


Mercury in 5th House

The Fifth House - Its Mercury mantra gives success in the scriptures.  If that sin is not in effect.  If Mercury is set in this house or if it is aspected or conjoined by a malefic planet, then it is harmful to the child.  Vashishtha says that if there is Mercury in the fifth house, the number of children is less.  According to Western opinion, Mercury in the fifth house is best for education and wealth.


Mercury in 6th House

The Sixth House - This is of disease and enemy. If there is Mercury in this house, then the enemies increase.  According to the opinion of Vashishtha, there is a lack of intelligence and there are many diseases.  According to western opinion, the Mercury of this place gives trouble through servants.  And there are diseases related to breathing, there is pain due to mental sorrow.  If there is a combination of Mercury and Mars in the sixth house, then there is a fear of mental illness and suicide.

Mercury in 7th House

The Seventh House - Mercury in this house makes the native expert in crafts.  The wife is beautiful and polite.  According to the opinion of Parashar, the Mercury of this place gives defeated in debate and the vision of the person becomes fickle.  There are some difficulties in the marriage of the native due to western opinion.  But there is a benefit to migration.  Mercury in the 7th gives a wife who is intelligent, educated, and clever in conversation and the wife respects the husband.


Mercury in 8th House

The Eighth House - Due to the position of Mercury in this place, there is fear of diseases, harm from happiness, and pain to the body from weapons.  There are diseases of colic, thigh, or stomach, but death happens in a good place.  According to western opinion, the Mercury of this place gives mental and age-related diseases.  Jatak knows secret education and spirituality.  If Mercury is exalted at this place, then the money is received suddenly from someone's will.


Mercury in 9th House

The Ninth House - In the ninth house is the house of religion.  The position of Mercury at this place gives happiness to both children and wealth.  The native is rich, scholarly speaker, and pious.  If this Mercury is under the inauspicious influence, then the person does false deeds with his intelligence and there is an obstacle in his luck.  According to the opinion of Yavan Jatak, in the 26th year of age, the mother becomes Arishtha and in the 32nd year, Bhagyodaya happens.  According to western opinion, the person is agile, proficient in the language branch, clever in research work, and interested in new subjects.  ninth If there is Mercury in a male sign in the place, then it gives special auspicious results.  C zodiac signs experience some inauspicious results.  If there is Mercury in the air element, then luck and stability come after marriage.


Mercury in 10th House

The Tenth House- Mercury in this house makes the person intelligent, patient, religious, and virtuous.  He gets special fame rather than wealth: He who earns money through his hard work is clever in conversation, a writer with a mother's happiness, a poet, and a statesman.  According to western opinion, the memory power of the person is very good.  Father is proficient in the art of speech.  These auspicious results are available only when Mercury is in its own house or exaltation.


Mercury in 11th House

The Eleventh House - The position of Mercury in this house is dear to the native.  Talented, intelligent, inquisitive of many genres, and enamored of enjoyment.  The person is jovial.  According to western opinion, if Mercury is strong then there are all kinds of benefits and if it is weak then there is loss.


Mercury in 12th House

The Twelfth House - Due to the position of Mercury in this house, the person becomes humble, cruel, lazy, and humiliated.  There is an economic loss.  Have to stay away from relatives.  There is one addiction or the other, nature is expensive, and there is a possibility of diseases.  According to western opinion, a person is a clear speaker, courageous and authority-loving.

Mercury in different Zodiac Sign

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