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Moon in Different Zodiac Sign

Moon is a soft and feminine planet. Though it is a satellite of the earth in astrology, it is a planet. Moon also gives different results in different Zodiac Signs. Moon in Taurus that is its exalted sign or in its own sign then results will be good But if the moon is placed in Mercury which is its enemy will not give inauspicious results. 


Moon in the Aries

Moon in the Aries wheatish complexion, stable money, courageous, honorable, weak knees, short hair, fickle, more sons, afraid of water, scar on head, etc.


Moon in the Taurus

Huge chest, donor, curly hair, lustful, successful, girl child, love to enjoy, mark on the shoulder, forgiving, etc.


Moon in the Gemini

high nostrils, black eyes, literature lover, happy, intelligent, humorous, soft-spoken, under the control of a woman, has a long body, etc.


Moon in the Cancer

Fortunate, blessed with family and friends, do well in tourism, astrology knowledge, Rajmintri, foreigner, has more hair, sometimes uplift and sometimes downfall and thick neck.


Moon in the Leo

Thick bone, short hair, thick face-neck, dry eyes, donor, sharp nature, travel lover, a devotee of mother, mighty and serious happens, etc.


Moon in the Virgo

has long arms, a beautiful face, teeth, and eyes, scholar, knower of Vedas, proficient in speech, truth, brave, compassionate, forgiving, and fortunate.


Moon in the Libra

high nose, big eyes, lean body, getting money from land, skillful and talented, courageous, religious, woman followed, helpful and beneficial person, etc.


Moon in the Scorpio

He is greedy for money, hard body, has health issues in childhood, has beautiful eyes, is rich, efficient, and majestic, loses money from political relations, etc.


Moon in the Sagittarius

Round eyes, high chest, stout arms, speaker, long shoulder and throat, connoisseur of crafts, knower of esoteric subjects, brave, happy, strong, friend lover, talented, etc.


Moon in the Capricorn

is a lover of music, thick-headed, follower of truth and religion, well-known, short-tempered, lustful, beautiful eyes, thin body, low-enthusiastic, extremely loquacious, etc.

Moon in the Aquarius

Dry body, thick hands, and legs, alcohol lover, hateful religionless, big head, issues with eye, lazy, big mouth, bad nature, lack of money, and sad.


Moon in the pisces

Skilled in crafts, knowledgeable in scriptures, beautiful body, music lover, pious, soft-spoken, generally wealthy, big head, happy, gentle, sea traveler.


The Moon in different House

Planetary Remedies

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