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Numerology prediction 2024


What is Numerology?

Numerology is the oldest science in the world, through which we can peep into the future and can manage, or organize our future and give a definite direction to our whole life. Numerology is a very simple, straightforward, clear, and factual subject. This can be easily understood. The future can be predicted through numbers. It originated in India and the world got the knowledge of numbers only through India.  The ancient sages had complete and authentic knowledge of numerology and through this, they were proficient in predicting the future accurately.  

Numerology is a mysterious science.  This universe is made up of five elements.  These five elements are also working in the core of man.  For this reason, human beings have a direct-indirect relationship with these elements. These five elements are also working at the root of humanity's relationship with the earth or universe that's why our whole working method is dependent on numbers only.  There are many secrets hidden in these numbers, which have not yet been revealed properly.  These numbers have a history.  Each number has its personality, philosophy, and characteristics.   Every moment of our life is based on numbers, so it is certain that whatever we do, we will be able to do it only through numbers.

With numerology, we can calculate our personal year number and predict the current year prediction. While you calculate the personal year number, whatever number comes up, if it is compatible with the current year number, works well, and visa-versa. Every year only the Personal Number gets changed but the prediction for all the numbers remains the same. Some numerologists take the Day number also but they don't consider Century number.

How to calculate Personal Year Number?

If your DOB is 12/3/1978, and in 2024 12th March will fall on Tuesday and the number for Tuesday is "9". Some numerologist don't don't count "19". They will take the DOB as 12/03/78. If we will take this method, then the calculation will be "1+2+3+2+4+9=21 => 2+1=3". So the personal number will be 3. The Number for each day is Sunday=1, Monday=2, Tuesday=9, Wednesday=5, Thursday=3, Friday=6, Saturday=8.  

Let's see how to calculate your personal year number with the popular method.  First, we need the complete date of birth. For example, my date is 12-03-1978.  Every year my year will start from the date and month I was born, only the year will change. So according to this, if I want to calculate the personal year number for the year 2023, the date of birth will be 12-03-2023, now Add all these together 1+2+0+3+2+0+2+4= 14. Reduce this number until you get a single number. This single number is your personal ear number. I reduced this number to 5, so my Personal Year number is 5. You can also find your personal year number in the same way. It is up to you how you calculate your number. I use both ways. Predictions for all personal year numbers are given below.

2024 Numerology Predictions

Personal Year Number 1

Planting Seeds, Rebirth, Beginning of an Era. This is the beginning of a new nine-year cycle. This year is very important for you. The obstacles and troubles will be removed and you will feel better. You need good planning before you start a new business or a new work then only you will get successful. A favorable significant change is going to take place in your life and this change is beneficial for you and helpful in uplifting you.  This year, you will make, will be helpful in your progress. Mentally, you will remain healthy and strong throughout the year. This year is completely favorable and successful for you regarding education, examination, competition, writing, business, mechanical work, art, writing work, new research, etc. Whatever desires you have been having for some time, make a plan to fulfill them.  Soon there will be opportunities in this regard and you will feel yourself at a very high level.  This year is influenced by the Sun, so favorable and pleasant news will be received. Your respect, fame, and fame will increase in society.

Personal Year Number 2

Personal year 2 is all about patience. It is a year that you should spend finding new allies and kindred spirits and making any necessary personal changes that might be acting as obstacles to your success. This year you will make new friends, who will help you in your personal growth in the future. You will be able to execute your plans in an organized way. There is a possibility of loss or cheating in partnership, it could be both personal and professional. Therefore, be careful in this regard.  You should not get carried away by cheap popularity and sentimentality. Do your work in an orderly manner.  Do not take any decision in haste and or without thinking. It is not advisable to start any new work during the 1st half.  You might feel that there are too many obstacles, and surrounded by troubles, but it's all temporary.  You will have to work on communication, courage, and strength this year.  You will become more practical, strong, and organized rather than imaginative. . Your relationship with your friends may be weak this year. Maintain good relations with them. These people can be beneficial for you in later life. Friends will not help you in times of need.  There will be benefits from land-related work.  A new house will be built and in terms of health, you will experience more progress in yourself than before.

Personal Year Number 3

It is the number of knowledge, intelligence, talent, success, blossoming, expansion, business, and progress. During this year you will see your efforts begin to show fruit.  The year 2024 is lucky for you.  The incomplete plans or the works will be completed this year.  You will feel more satisfied than before.  This year is very beneficial from an economic point of view. You will get social success this year. Your personality will elevate and your respect in society will increase. New friends will be made. There can be some disappointments too, but that too will be all right. Be careful while speaking to or writing something to someone. Be very careful while signing any paper because you can get cheated.  This year is good from the business point of view.  You will get success, or a side business will also begin. Do proper planning and do not leave any task incomplete or unorganized. Courage and intelligence will be required to complete the work. You can get complete success in writing work this year.  This year you will be successful in competitive exams and promotions etc.  A successful year. Take full advantage of it. The burden of responsibility is somehow lifted off your shoulders. The only drawback of this year is that it presents you with so many great opportunities that you might be tempted to take on more than you can handle.

Personal Year Number 4

This year is of discipline and hard work, which you want to do and are not able to do. Responsibilities will increase and you will face more obstacles and difficulties in executing tasks. This year is an indication that you should leave procrastination and become active, not leave any work unfinished or unorganized.  The more you work hard, the more success you will get this year. Proper planning and implementation will be the need of this year. This year financially you will be able to become stronger than before. The sources of income and savings will increase.  Financially, you are becoming more self-dependent. . This year is favorable for marriage, and this year you can have a child.  You will gain happiness from your friends, wife, and children.  This is the year of romance and love.  Relationships with the family will become strong and will get the support of seniors at the workplace. Success will come with hard work and determination. This year can be said to be very favorable from spiritual, and religious points of view. there are chances of traveling abroad. This year you will have to bring some such changes in your life so that you remain active.

Personal Year Number 5

This is the year of smartness, intelligence, practicality, independence, freedom, connecting to others, etc. This year you will receive opportunities on all fronts. Obstacles from the previous year will be removed. You will get a reward for your hard work. You will attain more personal freedom and a break from restrictive routines. You will make new friends this year. Travel, adventure, or additional education might be part of the overall picture. Good time to change employment or place of employment. This year some new turns and favor will come to you, and your prestige and respect will increase in the business world. You will travel a lot this year for entertainment or business purposes.  There is also a chance of traveling abroad this year. If you start a new business in partnership this year, then you will achieve complete success in it. You should have complete command over your speaking skills. Choose your word or language wisely. Don’t be rude or insensitive. Be very careful and cautious while signing any paper.  If you are into education, competition, drama, radio communication-business, advertising, telephone, telegraph, and postal services, then surely this is an important year in your life. You will get good news, stability in the financial sector, enemies will be defeated. This is an auspicious and profitable year from the point of view of the business.  The more you try, the more you can reap the benefits.  You should take full advantage of this year, expand your business and make progress in the financial sector. 

Personal Year Number 6

The lord of this year is Venus, who is the god of love, enjoyment, entertainment, and beauty. A personal year 6 intensifies feelings in existing relationships and enables you to make new emotional connections.  this is a very important year from a domestic point of view, spend more time with family and friends. A friend that you meet during this cycle is likely to become a friend for life. You will come out of anxiety and depression. You will experience more satisfaction and happiness. The obstacles you were facing on the family front will be removed at the beginning of the year itself.  There is also a possibility of having a child this year.  You will spend more on things related to entertainment, decoration, and beauty.  This year will be beneficial and profitable If you are in the field of cinema, beauty, entertainment, etc. New contacts will be established that will prove to be favorable and beneficial in the future life.  If you are unemployed, you will soon get a job or employment.  This year will be very beneficial and auspicious from economic and educational points of view. This year is also an indicator of success in competitive examinations. This year is very from the economic point of view.  There will be progress in business or new business will also begin.  There is also a possibility of sudden monetary gains.  Along with this, there is a possibility of financial gain from a woman this year.  In the cultural field, you will get complete success this year.  Materially all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Personal Year Number 7

This is the number of troubles and confusion.  You will experience that at the beginning of the year some such situations will be created, and there will be unnecessary confusion about you in society,  You need to be very careful and cautious this year. Mental problems will increase. At the same time, you will find that friends will not support you or can create difficulties for you whom you have helped, and trust. In a way, this year will be the year of testing friends. In the business sector, this year has been full of successes with some obstacles at the beginning of the year. You may feel sad or de-motivated.  But there is no need to be discouraged or disappointed by that.  Soon these obstacles will be removed and you will be in a favorable position. There is also a possibility of defamation this year.  Therefore, be very careful in the field of love or romance, and do not do any such work, due to which you will have to face trouble later.  Do not take too much risk in the business sector. Don’t do arguments with someone, and do not involve yourself in a quarrel. If any case is pending against you or you are related to the court in one way or the other, then you will get the victory this year. This is the year of complete success in the field of science, medicine, magic, hypnosis, astrology, medicine, etc.  Your respect will increase in society.  Also, you will feel that people have started looking at you with respect. Economically, this is a good year. 

Personal Year Number 8

This year is ruled by Saturn. This is a potent year that usually gives a big positive boost in all aspects of your life but it especially favors your career and money matters. This is a good year to buy a new home, find a new job or put a business plan into action. This year will bring great fortune and success to you.  It is advisable to use your power in a constructive way. Health will be normal.  You may face blood-related issues, and problems like blood pressure, heart attack, anemia, etc. Therefore, you should take care of it. This is a very successful year for starting a business or expanding a business, you will make amazing progress. Businesses related to machinery, iron, etc. will be particularly profitable. Business in partnership will be profitable. This year will also be favorable for those who are in government service, and they will get promotions this year.  From a social point of view, this year can be called completely auspicious. Enemies will be defeated, you will get success in a lawsuit. This year is important from the point of view of independence. The domestic front will be peaceful. There will be foreign trips too. Whatever progress you make this year, it will be possible only through your own efforts.  There will be minimal help from others.  At the end of the year, you will feel satisfied with your progress.

Personal Year Number 9

This year is very important and lucky for you.  It is important from the knowledge point of view.  This is the right time to give any kind of exam, you will be able to achieve success. Economically, this year is important.  There are chances of accidental money-profit.  This year you will expand your business, You will be able to take full advantage of the business sector and get a respectable place in society. This year, you will experience spiritual power in yourself, If you try in the spiritual field, it will be beneficial for you. Handle or manage finance yourself. Auspicious work will be organized at home, and all the dreams and desires will be fulfilled. You will begin new work this year. Prestige and respect will increase.  You will be able to reach the highest position in any one of these fields of research, examination, education, and business. If you are into any job, then surely you will get success and promotion. There will be differences between seniors and colleagues and these differences may stay for some time, but will not have any adverse effect on your life.  You will be able to achieve complete success in your objective.  You should leave the old ideas behind and, adopt new and modern ideas and techniques, change your habits, and try to mix more and more in society. This year will give you happiness, love, courage, and financial prosperity. 

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