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The Devil

Negative events

You have withdrawn the Devil card. Traditionally, this is a negative but I see it as a grey card neither positive nor negative. This card comes with many warnings and indication that a person has to take care of and when you follow the card, you can make your life better.You withdraw this card that means you need to bring changes in yourself and in your life in terms of making right choices in personal and professional life, stay away from bad things, bad and unhealthy addictions and habit, using your power, authority and influence wisely for the betterment of others and yourself as well. The card in the reading also signifies a sudden inexorable event, either positive or negative. Do not develop unhealthy obsession with material possessions, and power because this is card of materialism. This card also indicates that relationship needs to be balanced physically and mentally, excess of anything can spoil a relationship. In the reading this card tells not to be controlling in terms of anything be it professional and personal life. It is not necessary that all the choices are good, you may have confusion due to no clarity. This card in the reading also talks about something has been done to you or at your family or house like black magic, or evil eye. If you have withdrawn this card then don’t be scared and take it as a positive because you are aware of the changes you have to make, so that you can take right decisions, and can make wise choices for yourself. According to me this card has no positive or negative meaning. This card is about warnings and make changes in life your self-betterment.

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