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The Empress Tarot Card Meaning


The Empress Tarot card Description

The Empress is a strong feminine card of growth and Prosperity.  The Empress card is the mother of tarot cards. The empress card is symbolic of Intuition, and emotion. This is a 3-numbered card in Major Arcana. this picture shows a lady sitting on the throne. A powerful queen. she is wearing a white robe with a print of feminine symbols printed all over it, a crown has 12 stars on it, and a scepter in her hand show power and domination. Her throne is in the middle of the green field which shows growth. There is a heart on the right-hand side of the throne that has a feminine symbol. This card shows a powerful woman has control over almost everything around her.

Upright card(Keywords) - Fertility, Birth, motherhood, power, harmony, nature, splendor, joy, love, ambitious thoughts, good news success in ventures, a happy marriage, love, energy harmonious growth, intuition, abundance feeling of protection.

Reverse card(Keywords) -  emotional blackmail, the hunger for power, misuse of power and authority, the feeling of insecurity, domestic problems, no growth and prosperity, manipulation, infertility, problematic pregnancy, repressed artistic feelings, poverty

Zodiac Sign - Taurus

Element - earth

Planet - Venus

Next card - The Emperor

The Cards in Combination

When the Chariot card follows the empress card, there will be an increase in income and an opportunity coming through a woman.

When one of the strong physical cards such as Death, The Tower, or the Devil card follows the Empres's cards, they canceled each other.

When the Magician card follows the empress card, there will be a sure success in a tricky situation with diplomacy.

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