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The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

The Fool Tarot Card Description

The Fool is a strongly spiritual card, a card of unlimited potential. This is a 0-numbered card in Major Arcana. The fool's cards represent spiritual strength and protection as man learns and makes choices on life's journey. This card shows a young man walking on an unknown path that is full of obstacles or traveling. In his fun without thinking about anything, he is walking without looking around. He is so lost in himself that he can't see that there is a valley ahead in which he can fall. and there's a dog that's holding her back and barking at him seems like stopping him or giving him a warning. 

Upright Card Keywords - A new beginning, travel, enthusiasm, dependability, honesty, joy, decision-making, unknown challenges, and obstacles, risk-taker, spiritual progress, learning life's lesson, important choices, changes involving courage and wisdom.


Reverse Card Keywords - Thoughtlessness, immaturity, irresponsibility, Impulsiveness, daydreamer, carelessness, etc.

Zodiac Sign - Aquarius

Element - Air

Planet - Uranus

Cards in combination with the Fool

The Fool is a spiritual card and material cards such as the wheel of fortune or the devil appear beside the Fool, meaning is canceled.

If the Fool comes after the Hermit then a secret will be revealed but if the Fool comes before the Hermit then a secret will be safe.

If the Fool is before the chariot then a piece of sudden important news will be received.

If the Sun comes next to the Fool will bring an unexpected triumph bringing comfort and joy.

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