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The Hierophant

Positive events

The Hierophant is a strong card which represents spiritual guidance, wisdom, embracing tradition and history, or knowledge but when it appears in upright position indicates that you may have inclination towards for greater understanding of the divine which involves turning to traditional religious practices, exploring new spiritual paths, seeking out a mentor or teacher, or any teacher, guru or counselor who can guide you and removes your doubts. You will be able to recognize or differentiate between right and wrong and there will be end of mental distress The desire for marriage will awaken in you. There will be development in understanding by acquiring knowledge, as a result of which you will become aware, learn to work within the customs, adjusting yourself to the rules. Be loyal at workplace. Your influence and status will increase. You are a courageous and enthusiastic person who can solve your own problems. You are a power-centered person who can exert influence on other people. In short, the Hierophant card indicates that it’s a time of seeking and learning, often within established systems or institutions, embrace tradition and history, or seek spiritual guidance and understanding.

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