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The Justice Tarot card Meaning

The Justice Tarot card Description

The Justice card is the 8th or 11th card of major Arcana depending on the deck. in the image, there is a lady sitting on the throne between two pillars same as in the hierophant and the high priestess, a symbol of law, balance, and structure. he is wearing a robe of red color with a green mantle and a white shoe pops out from beneath her clothing which represents the spiritual consequences of actions. She is wearing a crown having a square on it which represents well-ordered thoughts. She is holding a double-edged sword straight in his right hand signifies that actions always carry consequences. In the left hand, she has a balancing scale which signifies that an affair decision is to be made without partiality and balance between intuition and logic. The Justice card represents balanced Justice and control, successful combinations, and a positive outcome from educational and legal matters. it represents the balance of personality and mind, a balanced Outlook, favorable legal decisions, honesty, and integrity.

Upright card(Keywords) - justice, truth, loyalty, balance, responsibility, honesty, judgment, willpower, discipline, logic, decision-making ability, confidence, making the right choice, etc.

Reverse card(Keywords) -  prejudice, injustice, wrong decision, favoritism, bad advice, wrong legal decision, fraud, manipulation, intoxication, etc.

Zodiac Sign -  Libra

Element - Air

Planet -  Venus

The Cards in Combination

When the Chariot card follows the empress card, there will be an increase in income and an opportunity coming through a woman.

When one of the strong physical cards such as Death, The Tower, or the Devil card follows the Empres's cards, they canceled each other.

When the Magician card follows the empress card, there will be a sure success in a tricky situation with diplomacy.

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