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The Moon card Meaning

The Moon Tarot Card Description

The moon card is the 18th card of major Arcana. The Moon card shows the full moon between the two Towers. The moon is symbol of dreams, subconscious mind, and intuition. The tower on the both side represents the force of good and evil. The Moon's light is dim which shows the difficulties and confusion while making a decision. There is a small crayfish crawls out of the pond which represent the path to higher to consciousness and winding between the towers.  A dog and a wolf on the grassland are howling while looking at the moon which represents the both tamed and the wild aspect of human mind. The moon card signifies the subconscious, the dream world, imagination, fluctuation, occult power, hallucination, hidden force, deception, and creativity. it also denotes the illusion, an emotional crisis, mystery, and a loved one miss Fortune.


Element – Water


Planet – Neptune


Zodiac sign – The Pisces


Upright keywords - deception, fear, a difficult time or period, insecurity, uncertainty, illusion, intuition, imagination,  


Reversed keywords - fear, confusion, lies, deceit, lack of progress, trouble, worry, wrong occult practice, bad dreams, unrevealed mysteries,

The Cards in Combination

  • If the moon card comes before the tower card it mean self -deception, fraud, or deceit will bring Miss Fortune.

  • When justice card follow the moon card it denotes false acquisitions, or Slander and if both card are reversed, then the truth will be discovered. 

  • When the lovers card follow the moon card then the illusion of love, a false lover, or deception, and lies destroy a relationship.

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