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Sawan 2023- The Auspicious Month of Sawan

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Sawan 2023

The holy month of Sawan is about to begin and very important in Hindu scriptures. The month of Sawan will start on Tuesday, 4th July 2023 this year. This year 2023, during this time period a very auspicious coincidence is happening on Sawan. This time due to the onset of Malmass or Adhikmass, the month of Sawan is going to be of full 59 days. This period is considered very auspicious. The month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Shiva. According to the beliefs, all a person's wishes are fulfilled by worshiping Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan. The remedies taken in the month of Sawan have special importance. That's why if you perform some easy remedies on the very first day of Sawan, then you will be benefited. If a person worships Lord Shiva with a true heart in the month of Sawan. Mahadev takes away all the troubles of a person and all the wishes of a person are fulfilled. By doing some easy remedies on the first day of Sawan, many problems of a person go away.

What is Sawan?

"Sawan" means Monsoon beginning of the monsoon, Sawan is a pious and auspicious month dedicated to Lord Shiva. People keep a fast every Monday which is also called "Sawan Ka Somwar". The word Somwar (Monday) is derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘Soma’ meaning Chandra (Moon0, the Hindu deity. Lord Shiva, in the Hindu religion, is depicted wearing a crescent moon on top of his hair and is also known as ‘Someshwara‘.

According to the story that goes behind this month, people observe this fast in a bid to please Lord Shiv and Goddess Parvati for a healthy and prosperous life. It is also believed, for unmarried women, that keeping a fast for consecutive 16 Mondays after Sawan begins, will eventually bestow them with an ideal life partner and a happy married life ahead. This is called "Solah Somwar Vrat (16 Monday Fast)".

Why unmarried women keep fast during the month of Sawan?

There are two special reasons why the month of Sawan is dear to Lord Shiva. The first reason is said that in the month of Sawan, Goddess Parvati started penance to get Lord Shiva as her husband. Pleased with the penance, Shiva appeared and gave a boon to fulfill the wish of the goddess. This is the reason that unmarried girls keep fast on Somvar to get a good life partner. The second reason, firs after the departure of Goddess Sati, Shiv ji again got back his Shakti i.e. Goddess Parvati as his wife.

Why is Abhishek performed on the Shivling with a stream of cold water?

Behind this tradition is the story of Samundra Manthan (the churning of the ocean). When the gods and demons churned the ocean, Many things come out of the ocean i.e. amrit, goddess Laxmi, elephant eravat, gems, etc. Out of these one thing that came out was Halahal vish (poison), which was consumed by Shiva. When the poison came out of the churning of the sea, there was a ruckus all around. Then Lord Shiva drank halal poison and took it in his throat. As a result, his body began to turn blue. To reduce the effect of poison, the gods started pouring cold water on the lord Shiva. Since then, the practice of pouring water on the Shivling has been going on.

The month of Sawan is considered very auspicious to perform remedies. Here are some remedies by Kundli Dikhao.

  • The month of Sawan is starting with a very auspicious yoga. Visit Hanumanji's temple in the morning on Tuesday and offer Chola(a mixture of jasmine oil and orange vermilion) to Hanumanji. Apart from this, offer jaggery and channa on a betel leaf to Hanumanji.

  • On the first day of Sawan, go to the Hanumanji's temple and recite Ram Raksha Strot. With this remedy, you will get solutions to all the problems in life.

  • On the first day, while meditating about Goddess Parvati, married women should be presented with the items of Suhag. Doing this increases love and cooperation in life. Along with this, there will be progress in the job or business.

  • If you are struggling with stress and financial problems, then on the first day of Sawan i.e. Tuesday, 4th July, write "Om NamahShivay" on belpatra (Aegle marmelos) and offer them to Lord Shiva in the temple, it will bring happiness, peace, and prosperity in the house.

  • On the first day of Sawan, go to the Shiva temple and offer water mixed with black sesame seeds(kale til). By doing this remedy, wishes come true.

  • According to Shiv Puran, reciting the Mahamritunjay mantra every day gives good health.

  • In the month of Sawan, offering Akshat(Rice) mixed with water on the Shivling, brings money into the house and also gets freedom from old debts.

  • Offering milk to Shivling in the month of Sawan is considered auspicious. It is said that offering milk on Shivling daily brings blessings of Bholrnath and the Moon gets strong in the Kundli( horoscope).

Sawan 2023 start date and end date

This year the month of Sawn is beginning on the 4th of July 2023, Tuesday.

  • Start Date - 4th July 2023 Tuesday

  • End Date - 31st August 2023

Sawan Somvar (Monday) Vart dates 2023

  • 1st Sawan Somvar Vrat - 10th July 2023

  • 2nd Sawan Somvar Vrat - 17th July 2023

  • Adhik or Malmass begins - on 18th July 2023, Tuesday

  • 2nd Sawan Somvar Vrat - 24th July 2023

  • 4th Sawan Somvar Vrat - 31st July 2023

  • 5th Sawan Somvar Vrat - 7th August 2023

  • 6th Sawan Somvar Vrat - 14th August 2023

  • 7th Sawan Somvar Vrat - 21st August 2023

  • 8th Sawan Somvar Vrat - 28th august 2023

  • Sawan2023 End - 31st August 2023

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