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Saturn in Different Houses


Among all the planets Saturn is considered an inauspicious planet. According to me, Saturn is not an inauspicious planet because Shani Dev/Saturn is dharmraj/ lord of justice and pays off karma. When Saturn comes as Sadesati, Dhaiya or in Dasha, and Anterdasha, Saturn gives results to a person according to their karma, and most of the time that time period is difficult. And we as a people think that whenever Saturn comes to give trouble, actually we are paying our bad karmas. The planet which has got the title of Dharmaraja, Karamphaldata how can it be inauspicious? The distance between The earth and Saturn is 1.6142 billion km. Saturn gives auspicious results to Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn. Saturn considers Mercury and Venus friends, Mars, Sun, and Moon enemies, and Jupiter neutral. Saturn has three aspects/Drishti the 3rd, 7th, and 10th. Saturn is the son of the Sun and is also considered a judge and slow planet. It does justice in his Dasha. It is considered. It is the lord of two Zodiac Signs Capricorn and Aquarius. It is exalted in Libra at 20 degrees and debilitated in The Aries at 20 degrees. We see life, age, death, sorrow, poverty, disrespect, flatterer, sickness, inappropriate behavior, lowly works, natural disasters, old age, diseases, sin, secrecy, imprisonment, job, scientific laws, oil, labor, servant, agriculture, sacrifice, falling from a height, insult, draught, loan, hard work, black seeds of ration, wooden stick, poison, legs, ash, handicap, self-sacrifice, arms, robbery, wool, import, delay, service department, foreign language, pride, greed, theft, handicapped leg, feet, nerves in the feet, tantra, sadness, paralysis, tiredness. There are twelve houses in the horoscope and there are nine planets.  The planets can be in any house in the horoscope. What kind of results will be given by the planet depends on its nature, placement, and relation with that bhav/house, or which side of life that house is related to. It is known that some planets are auspicious, that is, wherever they are placed, they will increase the Karak tatva of that house and some inauspicious planets spoil the Karak tatva/elements of that house.  That's why first of all see what effect each planet shows on different houses. First, we will take the Saturn.

Saturn in the 1st Houses

The first House or ascendant - If Saturn is in Sagittarius, Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Libra in the Ascendant, then the person becomes the chief scholar of a city or village, according to some Acharyas.  Garg thinks that Saturn in the Ascendant makes the air disorder, weak body unhappy, ugly, and the person has a short life.  But Garg has also told that this Shani in Libra, Sagittarius, or Pisces ascendant gives prosperity and longevity like a king.  Due to Parashar's opinion, the person has diseases of the head, separation from relatives, and fear of boils and pimples.  Vashishtha also says that the Saturn of the Ascendant is inauspicious.  According to western opinion, if this Shani is an auspicious influence, then it brings good fortune.  If it is in an inauspicious influence, it gives inauspicious results.


Saturn in the 2nd  Houses

The Second House - Due to Saturn being in the second place, the person becomes poor, and mouth disease can happen. Foreign travel takes place in the latter part of the age.  Money is gained by doing bad deeds.  There is an obstacle to family happiness.  According to the sage Mantreshwar, a person becomes wealthless and disfigured.  from the western point of view, There is a loss of money if Saturn is in the second house, but Libra gives wealth and the person is a good businessman.


Saturn in the 3rd Houses

The Third House- Shani at this place makes a person intelligent and mighty.  The person is generous and intelligent.  Not good for a younger brother and a person feels restless at home. Relationships with brothers will not be good according to the big western opinion, and the concentration of power increases.


Saturn in the 4th Houses

The fourth house - Saturn in the fourth place does not get the happiness of relatives, money, or a vehicle.  Diseases happen in childhood.  Causes trouble to Mother.  One does not get a beautiful house to live in. One has to change the house again and again. In short Saturn in this house does give karak tatva of the 4th house.  According to western belief, if Saturn is in Capricorn, Aquarius, or Libra, then the ancestral property is received.  There is good profit in the latter part of the age.


Saturn in the 5th Houses

The Fifth House - Saturn in the fifth house is inauspicious for children and property and education.  The person's son and friend remain in an inferior condition.  If Shani is debilitated or not well placed, then the intellect becomes crooked.  The body becomes weak.  There is no faith in religion and scriptures and there is a stomach disorder.


Saturn in the 6th Houses

The Sixth House - Saturn in the sixth house gives victory over the enemies.  Native will be a foodie.  It is inauspicious for the maternal side.  If it is in an exalted position then a good amount of money is received.  According to western opinion, Saturn of this place gives long-lasting diseases.


Saturn in the 7th Houses

The Seventh House - Saturn of this house makes the person poor, doing low work, as opposed to a woman, the partner of a sick person, and having few children.  There is often a delay in marriage.  The native does not get the happiness of a good married life, friend, or wealth.  In western opinion, the partner is less talkative and there is separation.


Saturn in the 8th Houses

The Eighth House- Saturn in this house makes the native live long, but there is a fear of diseases.  The person is grumpy, weak, and poor.  Usually, there is some chronic disease.


Saturn in the 9th Houses

The Ninth house - Shani of Dharma Bhav makes the person devoid of religion, money, friends, sons, and happiness.  There is no faith in the father and deity.  but If there is an auspicious aspect of Jupiter on Shani or Shani is in its own house or in exalted sign, then the native is religious, other zodiac signs, the Saturn of this place often makes them unlucky. 


Saturn in the 10th Houses

The Tenth House- If Saturn is in the tenth house or exalted, then the person will be rich, intelligent, and get the post of minister. Victory is achieved.  If Saturn is in Pisces, then there is a possibility of sanyas.  Pram: Migration happens according to western opinion, if this Saturn has auspicious relation, then power is attained.


Saturn in the 11th Houses

The Eleventh House - If there is Saturn in the eleventh house, then the person will have a long life, be rich, make a living through workmanship, and be healthy.  Farming is beneficial.  The person faces health issues in childhood.  Its progeny does not remain stable.  Kind is of pure conduct and sweet speaking.  According to western opinion, at this place, Saturn of Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius gives happiness in the latter part of the age and there is also an accumulation of wealth.


Saturn in the 12th Houses

The Twelfth House - If Saturn is in the twelfth house, then the person becomes unhappy, patient, does lots of expenditure, and have eyes related issues, is slow-minded and becomes poor.  There is a fear of damage to a body part.  According to western opinion, the tendency of the native is like solitude, like a hermit.  Progress gets obstructed due to secret enemies.  It does its damage with its own hands.  If Shani is in inauspicious effect then exile, imprisonment.  The person seems to be in a false accusation.

These are the results of Saturn in different houses/Bhavs.  Inauspicious results are found in debilitated or enemy signs.  If Shani is in its own sign/Swarashi, is in exalted sign or Jupiter has a fifth aspect or ninth aspect on it, then the same Saturn becomes auspicious.

Saturn in different Zodiac Sign

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