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Saturn in Different Zodiac Sign

Saturn in Different Zodiac Signs gives different results according to its placement. Like Saturn in Aquarius which is its own sign or in Libra its exalted sign here Saturn will give auspicious results unless placed or aspected by malefic planets. If Saturn is placed in the Aries zodiac sign its a debilitated sign or in Leo sign its enemy will give inauspicious results.


Saturn in Aries

Saturn in Aries makes a person Addicted, lazy, greedy, brother-hater, insolent, talkative, poor, ugly, grumpy, low-mannered, enemy of loved ones, merciless and sinful. He is moneyless, devoid of good deeds, has a wicked friend, has a hypocritical Partner, is a fool, etc. 


Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus gives Less money, has a bad company of friends, extra marital affairs, makes a person cunning and wicked, etc.


Saturn in Gemini

Saturn in Gemini gives a person Many debts, makes person saddened by bondage and hard work, hypocrites, inferior to virtues, Lustful, deceitful, grumpy, etc. 


Saturn in Cancer

Saturn in Cancer makes a person partner of a virtuous person, moneyless in childhood, having health issues, devoid of mother's happiness, extremely soft-natured, engaged in work and conqueror of enemies in youth, famous, against friends. 


Saturn in Leo

Saturn in Leo makes a person a knower of many subjects, ready to read and write, not popular, without modesty, doesn't gets happiness from a partner, earning a living from a job. Is lonely, joyless, angry, and ambitious.


Saturn in Virgo

Saturn in Virgo makes a person a Prostitute, having few friends, blessed with a son, has good wealth, is lazy, a charitable person, and thoughtful. 


Saturn in Libra

Saturn in Libra - Accumulating wealth, soft spoken, getting money from traveling abroad. Pandit, respectable in society, Such people have less interest in marriage. And even after marriage, the relationship with the partner is not good.


Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio makes a person philanthropist, crooked, hurt by poison or weapon, very angry, greedy, snatcher of others' wealth, doer of inauspicious deeds, and unhappy, with unnecessary expenses and health issues.


Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn in Sagittarius makes a skilled person, good behavior, studious, famous in the world by the qualities of sons and by their works, and enjoyment of abundant wealth in old age. Respectable, less speaking, has many names, and is soft. 


Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn makes a person one who knows the Vedas, virtuous, craftsman, idol worshiper, famous, work efficient, foreign resident.


Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn in Aquarius makes a person an Untruthful speaker, addicted to alcohol, cunning, a betrayer of friends, and a womanizer. He is harshly speaking. 


Saturn in Pisces

Saturn in Pisces makes a person a Lover of craftsmanship, prominent among his friends and relatives, calm nature, moralist, wealthy, engaged in religious practice, with modesty and virtues


Saturn in different Houses

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