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Tarot Reading 2024 Prediction

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Man is always eager to go to the future.  Always wants to know how is the time to come.  To solve this problem Kundli Dikhao has brought 2024 predictions for all zodiac signs.  At Kundli Dikhao, you can see the 2024 predictions.  All these predictions are based on Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot.  This is a general prediction you can choose the one that suits you best.

Tarot card reading is an ancient art. The origin of the Tarot is open to speculation, and many theories are around. what is known is that- over centuries- Scholars and mystics have used because as an aid to diving the future. The Tarot card is believed to be the oldest playing card in Europe. Many experts believe that the first tarot cards came about in the 14th century. Since then till now this card has gone through many changes. Accurate future prediction can be done by the Tarot method. It is not based on superstition.  It has its own rules and beliefs.  One thing that is worth keeping in mind here is that faith is paramount.  If there is faith then all is well.  Otherwise, all are useless, these tarot cards do not predict the future but give instructions for the future, based on which any evil or harm can be prevented. These tarot cards show how the past has reached the present and how it will take shape in the future.  No one can tell which event will happen when.  But a direction emerges from the tarot cards and whether this direction is beneficial or harmful, its determination is possible only by interpreting the qualities obtained from the inner power. Kundli dikhao brings to you the predictions of 2023 with tarot cards for all zodiac signs.


21 March - 21 April

Aries Tarot Horoscope 2024

If things did not go your way in 2023, it does not mean that things will not go your way in 2024 also. You will think deeply in the first quarter of 2024 but in terms of negative thought processes about yourself and your abilities. It is advisable to let go of this kind of thought process and re-focus on your planning and strategy, by implementing new ideas and having faith in yourself that you will overcome the obstacle. enhance you are communication skills. The first quarter of 2024 is about contemplation, focus and rebuilding yourself in all aspects. financially second quarter of 2024 is good for Aries people. Manage your sources wisely be it money, time, and emotions. professionally, keep your approach sensible, and practical and you need to make smart decisions. there is nothing like like grey in life it has to be "black or white", so try to see things as "Black Or White". The third quarter of 2024 will be good from a professional and financial point of you. You will receive exciting opportunities that can put you in confusion about what to Grab and what to leave. Do not procrastinate or overanalyse any situation, first gain clarity on your desires and then move forward. stay away from any kind of addiction that can take you away from your path. Have some faith in God. Your prayers manifest. The last quarter of 2024 will be the time when you will look back at your past and try to correct whatever mistakes you have made. take care of your physical and mental health. You will develop a desire to learn a new skill or to further improve your existing skill.



22 April - 22 May

Taurus Tarot Horoscope 2024

During the first quarter of the Year 2024, maintain good relations with your mother and seek blessings by touching her feet every day. When we touch the feet of our mother, the blessings we get get our wishes fulfilled quickly. During the first quarter of 2024, there will come a time when you will feel that no work is being done, whereas you have faith in the fact that God will help you fully and His help is not visible. Allow your creativity to soar. professionally you will receive good opportunities. Just keep one thing in mind whatever work you start, finish it. During the second quarter of 2024 due to the ongoing destruction in daily life, you may miss some very good opportunities. Step out of your world and take a stand for yourself. Have confidence and trust in yourself, and take up work that you feel you can complete. Personally, also, the second quarter of 2024 is very good, you may find your desired life partner or you may fall in love with someone. During the last quarter of 2024, your wishes will be fulfilled. Your life is going to be very busy. you may have to handle multiple priorities in your life. Therefore, there is a balance in your life. Take some time to relax your body and mind.  Involve yourself in fun activities. Balance your budget, spend less and save more.


21 May - 22 June

Gemini Tarot Horoscope 2024

The year 2024 will bring good results for cancer people. During the first quarter of the Year 2024, You have to keep in mind that if you want growth in your life, then you will have to leave behind those situations, habits and people that stop you from moving forward. Completely focus on your career matter how difficult the problem is, if you are calm you will solve it. There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in the family.  You will get full support from your partner or spouse. You will be able to build good relationships with your children. You will enjoy the fruits of your hard work. If you want to buy something special for yourself then don't stop yourself. This is also a very good time to start any new business or work. During the second quarter of 2024, which will come true your dreams become reality. You you will do well in business. And if you are in a job you make it a promotion or an authoritative responsibility. Work on your public speaking skills. Take criticism positively, don't be sensitive. Move forward with confidence in yourself and your abilities. The last quarter of 2024 will be good from a personal point of view. Relationship with spouse will improve. you will make friends and connections. you will receive a news worth celebrating. pay gratitude to the divine and stay optimistic, slowly things will become better in all aspects of life.


21 June - 22 July

Cancer Tarot Horoscope 2024

The first quarter of 2024 will pass very fast. you need to stay more focused. Events will move with great speed, possibility of sudden or unexpected changes. keep your approach intellectual rather than emotional towards challenges. Read carefully before you sign any document. There may come a point when you doubt yourself and your abilities. there is nothing you can't do, just believe in yourself and do not underestimate your abilities. At the same time, you need to balance between career and personal life. there is a possibility of a new emotional experience or romantic encounter or you may receive a love proposal. During this time, you will pay more attention to your psychic abilities and enhance them. During the second quarter of 2024, you need to control your thought process, negative around you will try to overpower you. Just remember, we manifest what we think all the time. Sometimes there are some situations and problems which are better to leave on time. You'll be able to create financial security for yourself and your family. There is a possibility of inheritance. There will be peace and contentment in your life. The last quarter of 2024 is very good, you will experience success accomplishment and spiritual enlightenment. The sudden realisation will lead to magical opportunities and the plan will work out perfectly. you may have some confusion or feel indecisive. Follow your intuition and make a decision.


23 July - 22 Aug.

Leo Tarot Horoscope 2024

During the first quarter of the year 2023, to manifest your wishes, start saying positive affirmations every morning. If you want business success, at the workplace or in the job, work in a team and blend different approaches to create something good. You need to bring self-control patience and balance in your personality and don't hesitate to compromise. There is a possibility of a sudden love affair or you may fall in love, be stay alert be careful and take decisions wisely. Whatever elements are required to build a relationship, all the elements should be in a balanced manner. During the second quarter of 2024, pause for contemplation and inside, reflection to see things in a whole new light. A professional opportunity for which you must be courageous and optimistic. During this time you need to be very active and focused. Charitable deeds will enhance your karma. During the last quarter of 2024 wishes and dreams will come true you will experience positive changes in your life that bring an ant to difficult times. Use your ability to understand people and counsel them professionally and if possible, take training in this regard. You can be a good healer and counsellor. The knowledge that comes from meditation cannot be obtained in any other way. Practice meditation regularly for mental health. Try to get more sleep. Take your time before making any decision


23 Aug. - 22 Sep.

Virgo Tarot Horoscope 2024

During the first quarter of the year 2024, you have to learn to wait or to be patient and not take any action in a hurry, buy your time for better results. Listen and follow your intuition you will get the right guidance through the divine through your intuition. Unnecessary worries and fears will bother you. Some secrets may be revealed which will give you clarity for the future. Financially it's a good period you can expect unexpected flow of abundance, Just be careful in terms of transactions. Help those people who need help and when you do good to someone, it also does good for you in the future. During the second quarter of 2024, you will have plenty of reasons to celebrate from success in profession to peace prosperity and contentment in personal life. Again don't forget to pay gratitude to the divine for all you have. To gain clarity on any issue problem or situation you just need to contemplate by meditating alone. Be intellectual logical and insightful. Review all documents carefully before you sign them. You may make some unwise choices and decisions that may go against you. There are other ways to keep yourself happy.  It depends on what you choose for yourself. You need to filter out friends who think like you.  Stay with like-minded people. Simplify your clotted life. For this, you will have to keep your professional and personal life separate from each other. Keep cleaning your home, office, and workplace from time to time and ensure that no unwanted items accumulate. When you keep your surroundings clean, the flow of energy remains very good and the environment also remains positive.


23 Sept. - 23 Oct.

Libra Tarot Horoscope 2024

During the first quarter, Your work will be appreciated. Especially your creative work. Bring out your creative side and improve it. Your reputation will increase and people will want to work with you. Do the work you like. If differences are going on in your relationship, then during this period you will overcome your differences and move forward. You may fall in love or experience a new love and freshness with the newcomer or in an existing relationship. If someone is doing something for you, do not stop yourself from accepting it. don't give up on the people you love. The second quarter of 2024 will bring mixed results, you will experience abundance and prosperity in everything, and you will be successful professionally but at the same time you may have some fear and insecurities that can block your progress. During this time, there will come a point when you will feel a lack of self-confidence in yourself and a feeling of being helpless. Have confidence in yourself and take responsibility for your life now. Take off your blindfold and face reality. Keep your thought process positive and be optimistic. During the last quarter of 2024, this will be the time when you will have to move forward make some bold and ambitious choices, and expand your plans and partnership with those who share the same thoughts and dreams. You may get good news regarding your career promotion and scholarship. You may get an opportunity that will change your life. Honour your intuition and pay attention to repetitious signs coming through your intuitions.


23 Oct. - 22 Nov..

Scorpio Tarot Horoscope 2024

During the first quarter of the year 2023, learn to never give up, and protect what you have achieved so far professionally. be impartial and objective, and stand up for yourself and your beliefs. You can win a situation only when you remain neutral and examine and evaluate every aspect of the situation. Sort your differences with your parents. Take their blessings every day. During this second quarter of 2024, you have to work on yourself and have to learn that Whatever happens, it happens for the good. It is possible that things may not go your way during this time. Do not focus on too much of the negative. Whatever the case may be, see the hidden blessings in every situation. Spend time in full and meaningful meditation, If needed, you can also take healing. Some of you may be inclined to the path of self-discovery. seek out or become a spiritual mentor. When we are troubled and ask for the solution of any problem from God, then God does not come himself and give us the solution to the problem, rather he sends some such signals which if we will note down, we can get rid of our problems. During the last quarter of 2024, there is a possibility of a new beginning or a fresh new start, trust yourself, push your fears and insecurities aside and move forward. Remain objective, and fair-minded, and communicate your thoughts and vision clearly and precisely. There will be ups and downs in relationships. It may also happen that when you need your partner the most, he or she is not there for you emotionally. For some of you, it's time to move on and let go of old and worn out so that the new can come in.


23 Nov. - 21 Dec.

Sagittarius Tarot Horoscope 2024

During the first quarter of the Year 2023, you will be very busy in this part of the year and will have to be very active and focused. Time will pass very fast and there will be some events that will require your immediate attention. Set your sights higher, and expect more for yourself. This will be the time to Discover and learn new things and new skills. Do not hesitate to try different ventures and experiences as a way to grow and learn. You will experience passion and energy in your relationship whether it's new or old. During the second quarter of 2024.  You will have to work outside your comfort zone.  You have to bring some changes in your life like setting your priorities which will help you in your personal and professional growth. If you have the choice of moving from your home to another place to work or do business, then do not miss such an offer. You need to filter the people around you. Surround yourself with positive people and situations, and avoid negativity. The mantra of the 2024 second quarter will be to follow your intuition it will give you correct guidance. During the third quarter of 2024, unnecessary worries may bother you. Whatever efforts ( personal and professional) and investments you make during this time, you will get good results in the future. You have to have a lot of patience within yourself.  We will have to sit peacefully and plan for the future. Time will favour you in terms of anything you touch it will turn into gold.


22 Dec. - 19 Jan.

Capricorn Tarot Horoscope 2024

2024 will begin with the end of bad times and the beginning of good times. You will get relief in life. During the first quarter of 2024, your health will be good and if you are going through depression or any kind of illness then you will be able to overcome that also. Travel or relocation is possible. During this period, explore your options, look at other possibilities and make required changes if needed concert and export also. You will be able to discover how to live a peaceful life. During the second quarter of 2024, you will be able to make the required changes in your There may be some powerful and unexpected revelations. When you need it, you will get it as per your desire and you will get help from someone close to you. But you will have to initiate the conversation and contact. Now you will have to give up your habit of delaying or postponing things. Otherwise, you won't be able to grow. Take care of your health. Excessive work is injurious to health. during the last quarter of 2024, the burden will be less on the shoulders. There will be many opportunities to be happy. This is the right time for self-employment. The right time to use your entrepreneurial skills. You will be surrounded by business opportunities. music will be the best tool to manifest your dreams and desires. A situation that has been going on for a long time will end and that can bring relief, sadness, or both.  


20 Jan. - 19 Feb.

Aquarius Tarot Horoscope 2024

During the first quarter of 2024, you will get success in every field whether it is personal or professional. you will experience prosperity, financially you will be stable. Things will turn out the way you want. you will get complete support from your parents and spouse. There may be differences of opinion with people around you. Stay away from conflict and arguments unless you need to. But don't hesitate to take a stand for yourself if an argument or situation is worth your time. Unnecessary worries from your loved ones will keep troubling you. The second quarter of 2024 is very promising, you will experience abundance, and good fortune, or may receive an exciting opportunity or a contract. There is a possibility of buying a vehicle or property. That is also a possibility when you won't be able or unwilling to make any decision. listen and follow your own heart rather than trying to make everybody happy around you. Don't pretend that there is no problem, if there is a problem, you will have to face it. but at the same time don't analyse a situation or a problem. Believe in yourself, if you believe it, you can do it. During the last quarter of 2024, there will be a positive change in your life which will bring blessings for you. there is a possibility of unexpected events Rapid changes, or amazing opportunities. you may have some stress also. You need to be multitasking. there is a possibility of business travel. Embrace true love and deep intimate friendship, and make choices from your heart when it comes to personal relationships. Health will be good, you will recover from a long illness.


20 Feb. - 22 March.

Capricorn Tarot Horoscope 2024

During the first quarter of 2024, you will receive rewards for your hard work and good karma. You will be able to balance many priorities at once. you will get public recognition. Be determined and have strong willpower. During this period you will experience magic in everything around you. You can expect miracles. But, you have to control your fear and insecurities, do not let them grow out of proportion. Refocus your thoughts. During the second quarter of 2024, you will go through a spiritual transformation, and curiosity will emerge inside you. Meditate and turn inward to discover your soul's true desire. Develop your intuitive gifts and trust the guidance or wisdom you receive. Ending of a phase that leads to a new beginning. plan carefully pay attention to every detail, and wait for perfect timings before you implement because the outcome of anything will depend on its beginning. During the last quarter of 2024, there is a lack of peace of mind or personal freedom. Use your personal power, authority, and assertiveness with kindness and compassion. Learn to forgive. You are stronger than you know. Make sure you are honest with yourself then only you will be able to deal with any situation or problem. Take caution and be aware of others' actions or backstabres. There is a possibility of a return of people or romances from your past. Always embrace your inner child.

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